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UPDATE: 6.14.11

Art Franklin/New Birth release statement BLASTING bloggers and our (read: Mo’Kelly’s) “journalistic” reporting.  In response, Mo’Kelly goes IN on Art Franklin/New Birth…read email exchange.


UPDATE: 6.13.11

Vanessa Long has a new church home!  Mo’Kelly has the details!


UPDATE: 6.11.11

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Some readers, including “NotYourTypicalNegro” have been nice enough to conduct some pass-bys of the house…no sign of Vanessa whatsoever. Numerous sites around the web have linked to Mo’Kelly’s story. Can ya hear Mo’Kelly now?! Mo’Kelly does his homework.

Thank you and goodnight.

UPDATE: 6.10.11

– Some readers have emailed saying “I’m a member, this is old news, she left weeks ago.” Others have emailed saying “this is just church gossip.” A third group says “Who do you think you are, why would they/New Birth respond to you?”

1. For those who say “this is old news”

The Mo’Kelly Report prides itself on vetting sources and information BEFORE posting.  If you are unfamiliar with my work on exposing malfeasance in the AME Church or Zeta Phi Beta and Alpha Kappa Alpha sororities, Mo’Kelly is clear about having documentation or high confidence in a source before running with any information.

In other words…this is what Mo’Kelly does and it’s not his first church scandal or malfeasance rodeo.  If you read ANYWHERE the story on AKA, know that Mo’Kelly broke that story and pushed it into the mainstream press.

If you say “this is old news”…good.  Because Mo’Kelly was using that time to verify the information, not just post it.  It’s about being RIGHT/ACCURATE, not necessarily being first to publish.  Sometimes they happen at the same time and that’s the best case scenario.

Mo’Kelly will tell you this…this report comes from talking to both PRESENT members and CURRENT EMPLOYEES of New Birth.  Current employees have been barred from speaking about these issues, so no, Mo’Kelly is not going to divulge specifics beyond that and get (multiple) people fired.

Yes, my sources will remain protected.  It’s about them, not you.

Also, in journalism it is customary to give the opposition fair opportunity to respond, comment or rebut.  New Birth was given that.  So if it’s “old news” to some of you…that’s why.

There’s no documentation of someone moving out and short of video of the actual moment there won’t ever be.  There’s no paperwork of a wife leaving the house and going to live with a relative or friend.  It does not exist.  At the same time, enough independent and connected sources have corroborated Vanessa Long leaving Eddie…at least for the interim.  Whether she moves back home…who knows.  But at the time of posting, she was out.

2.  “This is just church gossip.”

See #1…New Birth has been given the opportunity to prove otherwise and despite the THOUSANDS of visits to this site and HUNDREDS of emails, NOT ONE communication has contended that the post was incorrect.

Not one…

3.  “Who do you think you are…why would they/New Birth would respond to you?”

Who Mo’Kelly “thinks” he is, is subjective and neither here nor there.  But here is some objective reality.  Each day New Birth fails to respond means more and more sources run with this story.  Google doesn’t lie in that regard.  It has become bigger than just one report on one blog.  Any PR legitimate person knows that control of the narrative is paramount.  Staying mum is the worst thing Art Franklin/New Birth can do right now…but such is his/their choice.

In addition to that…Mo’Kelly has been known to do a little radio and TV.  Has multiple columns and a teeny bit of influence beyond this site.  A teeny bit.  Not a boast, just an answer to some questions posed.  See right-hand panel.

Hope that clarifies…


UPDATE: 6.9.11

– Still no response from New Birth.  Mo’Kelly contacted New Birth’s PR person Art Franklin as to these allegations Wednesday afternoon.  There has been neither a detailed response nor a terse denial.  Just FYI, Mo’Kelly’s spies are WELL-EMBEDDED in New Birth and Mo’Kelly vetted the information before running with it.

We will see if New Birth will say anything at all.  Again, they’ve been offered a forum to refute or deny this story.

Well-placed spies for The Mo’Kelly Report and long-time members of New Birth are alleging that Vanessa Long, the First Lady of New Birth has moved out of the house, in fact taking one of the children with her due to the scandal.

These are WELL-placed and trustworthy sources.

Mo’Kelly has already reached out to New Birth to see if it has any official response or counter narrative.  Don’t hold your breath if you expect New Birth to tell the truth and acknowledge any family disarray.  Nevertheless, New Birth has been offered equal space here in The Mo’Kelly Report as Mo’Kelly always does.

One is always welcome to tell his/her side here…you just have to be willing to step up to the plate.


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