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Mo’Kelly Named ‘Journalist of the Year – Radio’ for 2020 by L.A. Press Club!
The Mo’Kelly Show picked up two prestigious awards  at the 63rd annual Southern California Journalism Awards, hosted by the Los Angeles Press Club. The interview heard ’round the world; ‘Roger Stone Returns to The Mo’Kelly Show‘ garnered “Best Personality/Profile Interview.” Closing out the evening, Morris O’Kelly (Mo’Kelly) was also named ‘Journalist of the Year – Radio’ for 2020, the top honor in the field.


Mo’Kelly Named as Finalist for FIVE Southern California Journalism Awards!
Mo’Kelly and The Mo’Kelly Show were honored as finalists in five different categories, including ‘Radio Journalist of the Year’ for the upcoming 63rd annual Southern California Journalism Awards. Included in the acknowledgments are 2 of his nationally syndicated ‘2-Minute Warning’ commentaries for the Black Information Network on iHeartRadio. The Mo’Kelly Show is produced by Tawala Sharp and ‘Mo’Kelly’s 2-Minute Warning’ is guided and made possible by BIN.


Mo’Kelly’s Tweet on Boomer V. The N-Word Featured in USAToday

‘The Mo’Kelly Show’ Takes Home a National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Award!

In the 11th annual National Arts & Entertainment Journalism Awards, held Sunday evening at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, The Mo’Kelly Show added another prestigious honor to its résumé.

For ‘Best News or Hard News Feature – Radio’ the program was honored for its piece, “Remembering 9/11 from INSIDE the White House.” This comes on the heels of the program winning a Southern California Journalism award for Best News or Feature Short Form – “Mo’ on the Movies: Thor: Ragnarok”

‘The Mo’Kelly Show’ Nominated for SIX Southern California Journalism Awards!

* Radio Journalist of the Year

* Radio/Host Segment – “The Truth about Michael Flynn”

* News or Feature Short Form – “Mo’ on the Movies: Thor: Ragnarok”

* Personality/Profile Interview – “American Race with Charles Barkley”

* Talk/Public Affairs Episode – “Remembering 9/11 from Inside the White House”

* Political Commentary/National – “The Case Against Donald Trump Jr.”

‘The Mo’Kelly Show’ Praised for 9/11 Conversation in L.A. Daily News

Mo’ Kelly had a very fitting program last Sunday on KFI (640 AM). His guest was Josephine Bias Robinson, former White House Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff under President George W. Bush. Robinson was in the White House as the 9/11 attacks began, and she gave her personal stories and memories of the day as it began, and the actions of her colleagues as the event unfolded. Included were recordings of news reports from the day.

Overall, typical Mo’ Kelly. Insightful, entertaining, and unfortunately too short.”

‘The Mo’Kelly Show’ featured in TNT’s ‘American Race’ with Charles Barkley

Mo’Kelly Quoted by Parents Television Council on Bill Maher Controversy

“The problem with Bill Maher and his “joke” last night is just that. He has no investment, no involvement, no responsibility, no burden to bear with the word or the history it entails. It was and could only ever be…a joke. He has never been called it, threatened with it; mocked on his job with it, had relatives killed in connection to it. It was and could only ever be…a joke. This has NOTHING to do with who “can” say it or who “does” say it. No one should. Nobody gets a free pass with me. Nobody.”

Mo’Kelly’s Commentary on Police Engagement Tactics Covered in Media


‘The Mo’Kelly Show’ Wins Southern California Journalism Award from L.A. Press Club


LAPressClubMo’Kelly nominated for prestigious Southern California Journalism Award!

We are pleased to announce that The Mo’Kelly Show has been announced as a finalist in the prestigious Southern California Journalism Awards for 2016, awarded annually by the Los Angeles Press Club.

The entry, “Saying Goodbye to B.B. King” is competing against four other entries in the category of OBITUARY/IN MEMORIAM/IN APPRECIATION.

The Mo’Kelly Experience comes to KKSF Talk 910!KKSFTalk910

The new lineup is: Stephanie Miller from 6:00 am to 10:00 am,


Gil Gross from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Cory (Callewaert) and Joel (Riddell) from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, “The Doghouse with JV & Elvis” (a.k.a. Jeff Vandergrift and Dan Lay) from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Los Angeles-based Mo’Kelly from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Fox News Radio’s Alan Colmes from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Mo’ Kelly, a.k.a. Morris W. O’Kelly, hosts on weekends at iHeartMedia’s news/talk KFI, Los Angeles where he’s heard from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

PhillyTrib2Mo’Kelly Quoted in The Philadelphia Tribune 12.6.14

“Any major movement must have a clearly defined set of goals,” said Los Angeles talk show host and local community activist Mo Kelly. “When you have unfocused symbolism like Occupy Wall Street did, you fail — but, when you have a plan, you succeed like Martin Luther King did.”

On police brutality protests around the nation


** Do You Know the Way to San Diego Radio?

“Comic-Con in San Diego! Wow, you’d think that the hometown radio would embrace this. Oops. It took LA’s KROQ and KFI to be the example.

Mo’ Kelly hit it out of the park on Saturday with his live remote – including an interview that was walking. Best use of natural sound. Hats off to you, Mr. Kelly!”

For a city that thrives on an event that grabs national attention, it takes an out of town station like KROQ and KFI [respectively] to do it right. Could this be why Anaheim and other locations are just prancing with no local radio support?

Radio: Straight Talk from KFI and KTLK’s Morris O’Kelly

“O’Kelly, like a handful of others in town, represents the future of talk radio in Los Angeles – a more multidimensional approach to issues rather than the one-sided programming that has polarized the format. O’Kelly speaks from the heart, and few others, it seems, are willing to do so.”

Report: Oxygen to Cancel Shawty Lo’s ‘All My EURWEB
Babies’ Mamas’

“Sabrina Lamb wasn’t the only voice to speak out against the show. So did Morris O’Kelly, a/k/a Mo’Kelly, host of “The Mo’Kelly Show” on KFI AM640 in Los Angeles.

“Some fights you must fight … on principle alone. This would be one of them,” Mo’Kelly blogged recently here at EURweb. “This fight is about having standards, knowing when television programming has in fact gone too far or finally found the basement.”

Via email, we asked Mo’Kelly to comment on Samuel’s report that “All My Babies’ Mamas” is set to be cancelled. Here is his response:

“Every now and then we must remind corporate America, our children are not for sale and their exploitation is not fodder for entertainment programming. There are standards which still exist, both for media and for our community.

Be exceptionally clear in this moment, the power is and always has been ours to set a meaningful example for young people, individually and collectively.

Let us now remain vigilant and ever-watchful, making sure that we don’t come this way again. It is not a time to celebrate but instead one to soberly assess how we arrived here.

The Mo’Kelly Show reviewed in The Los Angeles Daily News

Some, perhaps, would say he truly doesn’t fit in with the rest of the hosts at KFI (640 AM). He’s not conservative. He’s not white. He’s a supporter of President Barack Obama.

But there he was, doing a live broadcast from Gable House Bowl in Torrance on Saturday, attracting an almost full house for an evening of fun, laughter, talk … and even karaoke.

It’s the slightly revised face of KFI in the form of Morris O’Kelly – Mo’Kelly to his friends – heard 6 to 8 p.m. Saturdays. Why Torrance? Why Gable House Bowl?

“Simple,” he told me. “I grew up in Torrance … graduated from South High in 1987. I knew from the start that I wanted my first remote broadcast to be from my hometown. And I plan to do another.”


Clear Channel Raps Talk Radio Diversity with Mo’Kelly

“This show is not about color, not in terms of skin tones. The Mo’ Kelly Show is about color as in color texture, hue, voices less often heard and views less commonly expressed. This is about addressing the deficiencies in our dialogue,” opined Mo’ Kelly.”

Talkers Magazine Hails Coming of ‘The Mo’Kelly Show’

“Mo’Kelly Officially Takes to the KFI Airwaves. The Mo’Kelly Show comes to KFI AM640.

Morris O’Kelly, the producer and co-host of sister progressive talk station KTLK’s “Diverse L.A.” Also, KTLK PM drive host David Cruz will host a Sunday early evening program on KFI. In a statement, Clear Channel says the purpose of the new shows is to “discuss, dissect and investigate the important, often controversial issues of the day through the eyes of an eclectic collection of Southern California residents, urbanites and suburbanites, young and old, across race, gender and the political spectrum.” Morris O’Kelly states, “I’ve wanted to do a show like this for a long time – to dig into what Southern Californians think and why. Opinions are as diverse as the population and I think we’re going to shed light on issues that really matter.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Cites The Mo’Kelly Report – Eddie Long Coverage

One blog, The Mo’ Kelly Report, said recently that “Well-placed spies for The Mo’Kelly Report and long-time members of New Birth are alleging that Vanessa Long, the First Lady of New Birth has moved out of the house, in fact taking one of the children with her due to the scandal.”

Los Angeles Times Cites The Mo’Kelly Report – Rev. John Hunter Coverage

“Hunter is sometimes the subject of Internet attacks, including unflattering posts from bloggers such as Morris O’Kelly, a Los Angeles writer whose Mo’Kelly Report posted a county document in April showing that the church owed $51,000 in unpaid taxes on the $2-million Encino property the Hunters chose for a parsonage. A county tax official said the current bill is $32,000; Hunter said the church plans to refile for a tax exemption, which the county assessor’s office confirmed it denied last year.

In addition, here is a very short list of where The Mo’Kelly Report/Show or Mr. Mo’Kelly has also been cited or featured:

The World of Mr. Mo'Kelly