Commentary — 13 June 2011

Mo’Kelly has ANOTHER bombshell to drop.  Not only has Vanessa Long left

Vanessa Long

Bishop Eddie…she’s left New Birth altogether and worshiping instead at another Atlanta church! (And it ain’t Creflo Dollar’s).

Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral is under the ministerial direction of Bishop Dale Bronner and the new church home of Vanessa Long.

The (now former) First Lady has COMPLETELY departed from anything and everything New Birth-related.

In addition, it seems that Vanessa has been out of the family home for a good FIVE months.

FIVE.  Like since the beginning of the mediation process.

The Mo’Kelly Report does it again!

(No word on whether Eddie’s Jheri-curl lacefront toupee is also planning on leaving him too.  Check out Mo’Kelly’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Mr. Jheri Lacefront HERE.)

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