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Mo’Kelly’s Two Minute Warning – Tom Joyner is not ‘GLAAD’ with Roland Martin by Mr. Mo’Kelly

Last Friday radio host Tom Joyner published an open letter to Roland Martin, admonishing him among other things to do the right thing in regards to his meeting with GLAAD, backhanded Tavis Smiley (again) and called into question Martin’s ultimate priorities in a career-sense.

Today, Martin “retweeted” this remark from Bishop T.D. Jakes.  Its thinly-veiled connection to the Tom Joyner open letter can’t be disregarded.

There is no arguing, Roland Martin is on Tom Joyner’s speed dial.  There is no arguing, Tom Joyner writing an open letter would qualify as a public forum.  Roland Martin CLEARLY was making a point, co-signing the Jakes tweet and it shouldn’t be ignored or mitigated.

It’s not like Tom Joyner needs to tell America what he could have (or seemingly already has) told Martin in private.  Nevertheless, he’s taken his views public.

This is going to get interesting…

Tom Joyner…grandstanding?

Roland Martin…checking his other employer?

You decide…

Tom’s letter HERE, the full text can be found below.

A Letter to Roland: Make It Right

Tom Joyner

I think one of the things that makes the TJMS work is that, like a real family, we bring a variety of personalities, talents and flaws to the table, yet we accept our differences and roll with them. It only becomes a problem when one of our actions – or lack thereof – begins to detract from our overall goal, which is to entertain and empower black people.

As head of the family, I’ve sat back as long as I could, hoping I wouldn’t have to say anything. But now the time has come.

So, Roland, we love you and need you full force to be able to do what you do – represent us and our views on CNN and other arenas.  In order to continue your role on that show, on the speaking circuit, etc., it’s time for you to make a sincere apology to GLAAD (The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). When people are offended by something we say or do, it doesn’t matter what our intentions are. The job of the offender is simply to apologize and learn a lesson about what to say or do going forward.

Your mission is greater than your principal.  It’s no longer about you. Now it’s grown into something bigger than you are, but only you can make right.

We love and appreciate what you do as a journalist, an analyst and commentator. You are a much -needed voice in the community and have the gift of being able to relate with everybody from the ‘hood to the White House.

We’ve gone through this with another family member who refused to turn around. I sure would hate to see pride silence another important voice.

Make it right, Roland, so we can move forward.


“Make it right Roland?”

“I sure would hate to see pride silence another important voice.”

Ah suki suki now!

UPDATE:  Roland Martin AND T.D. Jakes Respond to Mo’Kelly (Read from bottom up)



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