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Yes, Mo’Kelly put “Black” in quotation marks, and no it doesn’t “bother” Mo’Kelly that a White sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha) won the competition.  Mo’Kelly feels the same here as he does with high-schoolers stepping.  Stepping has been prostituted and whored out for so long, its meaning has appropriately been cheapened to absolutely nothing.

It used to be where membership (i.e. BGLO membership) had its privileges and now we’re caught up in the novelty of White organizations or high schoolers also stepping.

You get what you get.

If you want something for yourselves, you should keep it to yourselves and not put it out on the stroll…stepping/prostitution pun intended.

Word has it that Alpha Kappa Alpha members at the University of Arkansas “trained” them.  Mo’Kelly can’t confirm or deny this accusation.

This is little different than the whole American Idol phenomenon and the Black gospel tradition.  Stepping used to mean something and was demonstrative of a historical tradition inextricably linked to the Black Greek-Letter Organizations…and dates back to the African boot dances.


Now like most things steeped originally in African-American tradition…it has been whored out and disfigured accordingly.  If it were valuable and a treasured aspect of our organizations, it should have been treated as such.

Don’t get mad now.

Oh well…you get what you get.  You can’t whore out something and expect the rest of the world to celebrate its rich tradition at the same time.  Can’t have it both ways.  This isn’t about race, this is about whoring.

Congratulations to Zeta Tau Alpha on their well-deserved victory.  They may not appreciate the history and significance of stepping as generations before them, but that’s not their fault and they shouldn’t be criticized for it.  Fists together, elbows high and level.  Yes, they probably have no appreciation of its historical significance or having to learn shows under “duress.”

But that’s not their fault.  Congratulations to the step champions.

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