Commentary — 11 February 2010

Carol Ray

UPDATE 2.19.10 – Plaintiffs File APPEAL!  Click HERE.


Click HERE for interview with Carol Ray, one of the 8 plaintiffs in the case against Barbara McKinzie and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.


Although the case was dismissed before discovery and trial, the Weeping Ivy 8 are resigned to continue the fight, weighing all options.  What might that be and what may await Barbara McKinzie and her supporters come Boule this summer?

All that and more as Mo’Kelly has a special and exclusive interview with one member of the 8 original plaintiffs…another exclusive by The Mo’Kelly Report.


Message from the Friends of the Weeping Ivy:


Several supporters have alerted us that their donations that were mailed to the Post Office Box in Washington, DC were returned to sender with a message that the PO Box is closed. We do not know who generated that report because the rental fee for the PO Box is paid in full for a year. An investigation into this matter will be requested via the U. S. Postmaster General’s Office. Given this current situation, we ask that you send ALL correspondence and donations to the address below until the problem is corrected and you are notified accordingly. We do need your continued financial support to offset our legal bill as we proceed with the appeal and continue the struggle to open the books and records for inspection.

We also encourage you to purchase an “AKAcountability & Transparency” button to wear at all conferences and sorority functions to demonstrate your support for this effort. Send your request and payment to the address below. As always, your support is tremendously appreciated. Together we will right the wrong!


c/o The Legendary Blue Horizon

1314-16 North Broad Street

Philadelphia, PA 19121-4303

[Stay tuned…the new website is coming to you in 2010.  Set your browsers now.]

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