: ' Alpha Kappa Alpha'

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – FULL Forensic Audit Beginning THURSDAY August 26

So the closet and the skeletons in it will be open for former Supreme Basileus Julia Brogdon Purnell on August 26 and for some days following it.  Forensic accountants will have FULL access to the AKA [...]

Ruth Major (Attorney for Julia Purnell) on Today Show for Separate Case

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Attorney Ruth Major, whose name you might recognize from her work in conjunction with the Alpha Kappa Alpha financial malfeasance is clearly a rising [...]

Criminal Girls w/ 20 Pearls – Mr. Mo’Kelly at Hearing Today!

Well not really…or kinda sorta.  Without divulging some sensitive information, it seems that The Mo’Kelly Report and Mr. Mo’Kelly were somehow “connected” or “part of” or “mentioned” during today’s proceedings regarding scheduling a proper review of [...]

Barbara A. McKinzie…The Exemplar of Class and Dignity

Check out this letter to the sorority for the Boule…you will find no finer example of African-American womanhood than Barbara A. McKinzie.  This now ends the dripping sarcasm.  Have fun in the comment section. Check it [...]

Criminal Girls w/ 20 Pearls: Attorney Ruth Major Gives an Update

Julia Brogdon Purnell’s counsel, Ruth Major checks in with the latest in her attempts to review the records of the sorority can be found below. Click HERE The Mo’Kelly Report is an entertainment journal with a [...]

Alpha Kappa Alpha Story Spills Over into St. Louis News

Story HERE! Chicago Sun-Times continues to follow story with a 7.14.10 Update HERE. “Cook County Judge Daniel Riley’s order came after the Chicago-based organization’s Deborah Dangerfield appeared in court and told him that most of her [...]

Alpha Kappa Alpha FOUND IN CONTEMPT!

Read the order HERE! Mo’Kelly’s Watching You BAM! Mo’Kelly’s got spies EVERYWHERE.  If she tries to make a break for Mexico (or Australia as she and the Directorate are slated to sojourn)…we’re on it!  Turn in [...]

Criminal Girls w/ 20 Pearls: Judge Orders AKA to Show Up or Be Found in Contempt!

UPDATE 7.13.10: AKA FOUND IN CONTEMPT!  READ ORDER HERE! “It has become apparent to this court that the leadership of the organization has intentionally taken steps to frustrate this court’s order,” Cook County Judge Daniel Riley [...]

Criminal Girls w/ 20 Pearls – Interview with Attorney Ruth Major!

MOTION UPDATE 7.12.10 – Per the attached ruling, Alpha Kappa Alpha must produce a person TOMORROW 7.13.10 at 9:00am  with custody of the check registers or be held in contempt! Click HERE UPDATE:  WATCH THE PUBLIC [...]

Set Your Clocks: Mo’Kelly to Interview Purnell Counsel Ruth Major

HERE is the INTERVIEW! Another exclusive from The Mo’Kelly Report… If the name Ruth Major rings a bell, it might have to do with the fact she is also counsel for Kenitra Shackelford in her wrongful [...]