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Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – Forensic Audit Vindicates Plaintiffs

Yes Mo’Kelly said he wouldn’t be able to update everyone on the various series given other commitments…but this fell in Mo’Kelly’s lap. _____________________ From the AP: WASHINGTON — A financial audit of the nation’s oldest black [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – Dismissal REVERSED on Appeal

The court today ruled that the original dismissal by Judge Natalia Combs Greene was too soon, which blocked any consideration of the allegations by the original 8 plaintiffs on the merits. Duh?! That decision was OVERTURNED [...]

Criminal Girl: Barbara McKinzie Pocketed $447,669 in 2009

Then-Supreme Basileus of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Barbara A. McKinzie pocketed (in terms of what was actually reported to the IRS) almost half a million dollars, according to the organization’s official 990 form for fiscal year [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – Cynthia Finch Found Guilty

This was in Mo’Kelly’s stack of mail for about a week.  The Mo’Kelly Report is a one-man-unit.  From the writer, to the webmaster to the copywriter to the publisher to the news researcher. Meaning, not all [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – Judge Rules for ALL Records to be Turned Over

And ALSO ordered that the sorority pay $2500.00 in court costs for Julia Purnell!  Yes! FULL STORY HERE. But Purnell’s attorney said there were about 80 checks missing for amounts in excess of $10,000, that half [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – Story Hits Philly Tribune!

(But once again, remember you read about it FIRST…in The Mo’Kelly Report.) According to a recently conducted financial investigation by an Elmhurst-based Illinois firm, Edward Kirby & Associates, Inc., AKA Inc., gave about $2 million in [...]

News of Criminal Girls Forensic Audit Hits Mainstream Media!

Once again, The Mo’Kelly Report was already way out in front of the story.  You can read about it after the fact in the news…or you can read about it in The Mo’Kelly Report. Just sayin’… [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – McKinzie Former Boss/Crony Todd Stroger back in news

For those outside of Chicago, the Stroger name is probably an unfamiliar name.  For those inside the Windy City…his/their (John and son Todd are  often one degree of separation from major corruption. Coincidence? From the Chicago [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – McKinzie Legal Team Working Behind the Scenes

Spies for The Mo’Kelly Report have been working overtime this week.  It seems that Barbara McKinzie, almost simultaneous to the forensic audit of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority retained ANOTHER legal team, to personally represent her and [...]

Sigma ‘Gangsta’ Rho Sorority – Your Turn in The Mo’Kelly Report

In The Mo’Kelly Report we’ve had extensive discussions on the role and reality of Black Greek Letter Organizations.  From Zeta Phi Beta, to Alpha Kappa Alpha sororities to even Phi Beta Sigma and  Omega Psi Phi [...]