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Criminal Girls w/ 20 Pearls: JUDGE RULES TO FORCE OPEN AKA’S BOOKS!

Update: Click Here for the official judgment. Click HERE (and bookmark) for updates on appeals and motions filed. ____________________ Mo’Kelly just got word from multiple sources!  Former Supreme Basileus Julia Brogdon Purnell triumphed!  The books of [...]

Criminal Girls w/ 20 Pearls: One Last Push to Open Books

Former Alpha Kappa Alpha Supreme Basileus Julia Brogdon Purnell joined the organization in 1942…you know at the early portion of WWII.  In other words, her dedication to the organization is above reproach.  I can tell you [...]

Criminal Girls…Back to Court – Injunction to Force Audit

On May 3, Ruth Major attorney for former Supreme Basileus Julia Purnell will be in court to support an injunction to force a forensic audit of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s books.  If the name Ruth Major sounds [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – The IRS Invades AKA Headquarters!

Mo’Kelly (like everyone else) thought maybe it was an April Fools joke.  But it has come from a number of reliable sources that the Internal Revenue Service has been camped out at the Chicago headquarters of [...]

Former Supreme Basileus Julia Purnell Files Writ to Open AKA’s Books!

Now it is on and crackin’.  In the writ, Purnell indicates knowledge of investigations by the IRS, Cook County Board of Commissioners and the Illinois Attorney General.  And my favorite birdie over that the Department of [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – Barbara McKinzie DENIED in Appeal Against Daley!

Although Barbara McKinzie has a habit of sending out mass emails if/when it can be spun as good news for her or her agenda, she has another habit of saying absolutely nothing when the news is [...]

Criminal Girls…Alpha Kappa Alpha’s 990 (for 2008)

On page 7 you will find that president Barbara McKinzie REPORTED income/compensation in excess of 300k for JUST 2008.  Mind you…for an “unpaid” position.  Mind you, this is only the REPORTED compensation, the stuff that McKinzie [...]

White Sorority Wins ‘Black’ Sprite Step-Off Competition

Yes, Mo’Kelly put “Black” in quotation marks, and no it doesn’t “bother” Mo’Kelly that a White sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha) won the competition.  Mo’Kelly feels the same here as he does with high-schoolers stepping.  Stepping [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – Appeal Has Been Filed

Of course, Mo’Kelly has the documentation!  And this time the plaintiffs are fighting FIRE with FIRE.  The appeal was filed by Victor Frazer, former Congressman and HU Law grad (’71). Ah suki suki! Click HERE. Related: [...]

Mo’Kelly Interviews Carol Ray of Weeping Ivy 8

UPDATE 2.19.10 – Plaintiffs File APPEAL!  Click HERE. __________________________ Click HERE for interview with Carol Ray, one of the 8 plaintiffs in the case against Barbara McKinzie and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. _______________ Although the case [...]