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Legendary Los Angeles based Latin band Rhythm Tribe, whose legacy spans more than 100 years and 4 generations is back on top of the Billboard charts and ready to take on the Grammys in 2022. Qualifying in 4 different Grammy categories, Rhythm Tribe recently debuted new music honoring their family history while keeping it new and fresh with the youngest family members now fronting the band and landing their single “You Are The One” on the Billboard ‘Top 100’ Chart at #28.

Bridging the gap between generations, Rhythm Tribe is now led by siblings Brisa Guzman-Sanchez on lead vocals and brother Mason on guitar and vocals, their father Thomas on bass, and close family friend Esau Garcia on drums. Representing a new generation of musicians in the family, Bria’s stylized R&B vocals with Mason’s mastery of guitar, grounded by Thomas created a musical force that speaks to all music lovers.

The Guzman-Sanchez family has been playing music since 1915. Rafael “Fello” Sanchez is a legendary Cuartista and professional musician from Corozal, Puerto Rico. Rafael Guzman-Sanchez, also born in Corozal P.R., was a professional player who performed on radio throughout the 50’s and innovated a new rhythmic approach to Guaracha music. Thomas is the third generation of professional musicians. Mason, age 25, is a fourth-generation guitarist, and Brisa, age 23, with her R&B hypnotizing vocals, represent a new generation of musicians as a family. Thomas was inspired to reach out to his kids to see if they wanted to start a new incarnation of Rhythm Tribe. It was their collective decision that has made this new album possible. Together, they’ve called the album “Generations.”


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