NerdCast #14: Deadpool 2 (Spoiler-Filled Explicit AUDIO)
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Our usual contributors of Thomas Cunningham, Tawala Sharp and I give our unanimous love and support to Deadpool 2! Listen to “NerdCast #14 – Deadpool 2” on Spreaker. Previous NerdCasts: NerdCast #1 – Logan [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – Treat School Shootings Like Terrorism * Criminalizing #LivingWhileBlack * Deadpool 2 Review (AUDIO)
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(We apologize for the seemingly inappropriate nature of some of the prize giveaways in portions of the show. We were simply following instructions.) [...]

Mo’Kelly on CNN International RE: North Korea Summit Update and Mueller Investigation Anniversary (VIDEO)
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In a seeming about-face, Kim Jong Un has pulled back on the proposed upcoming summit to be held in Singapore. Despite recent overtures of releasing hostages and dismantling of his main nuclear facility, the [...]

‘The Mo’Kelly Show’ – Nominated for SIX Prestigious Southern California Journalism Awards!
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Thank you to all of your support over the years.  Six nominations after 6 years on the air at KFI AM640 is something to behold.  I am honored, humbled and grateful.  It is always [...]

Mo’Kelly on CNN International Re: Michael Cohen Access Payments (VIDEO)
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#StormyDaniels scandal meets #mueller investigation thanks to #MichaelCohen w @MrMokelly @joemessina https://t.co/kDoTdx4H4q — john vause (@vausecnn) May 11, 2018 [...]

‘The Predator’ – Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)
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The Mo’Kelly Show – The Rudy Giuliani Self-Immolation Tour * Bear Selfie Suicide * Comedian Mona Shaikh (AUDIO)
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Rudy Giuliani Self Destructs…AGAIN! Listen to “When your lawyer has jumped the shark & bear selfies lead to death!” on Spreaker. “Shaikh It Off” with Mona Shaikh Listen to ““Shaikh It Off” with Comedian [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – Beyond the Music with Naturally 7 (AUDIO)
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A cappella “vocal play” singing sensation, Naturally 7 shared its rich musical history, its latest project “Both Sides Now” and even performed live in studio! This is a must-listen conversation for any serious music [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – WHCD Fallout * ‘Cry Closet at U. of Utah * Avengers Rakes 250m (AUDIO)
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Listen to “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Cry Closets & Sex Cults” on Spreaker. [...]