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There’s “funny” and there’s “FUNNY.”  Ben Quayle, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle recently declared that President Obama is the “worst president in history.”  That means the worst of all 234 years of American history, the worst of all 44 Commanders-in-Chief.

That’s FUNNY.

In fact, let’s say that again and out loud for comedic sake.  The son of the agreed upon WORST Vice President in history is going on record as to the supposed “worst” president in American history.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  The more you say it, the funnier it gets.

As Ben is presently running for Congress in Arizona and is all of 33 years of age, clearly he is using hyperbolic statements in order to garner press, notoriety and ultimately voter visibility.  It “should” be transparent to even the somewhat informed.

The danger with hyperbolic statements lies when the intellectually astute call the orator on to the carpet or hold it up to the light for closer inspection.

Ben Quayle at 33 years of age reasonably can only remember the administrations dating back to George H.W. Bush…at best.

AT BEST. (Maybe Ronald Reagan…MAYBE).

His firsthand “authoritative” knowledge on the subject is flimsy AT BEST.  Clearly then, his pejoratives are supported by his study/knowledge of Oval Office history, right?

Let’s go there.

Richard Nixon

To allege that President Obama (in two years) is the worst Commander-in-Chief of all 44 is to argue the following:

President Obama is then allegedly “worse” than Richard Nixon, whose connection to the Watergate scandal resulted in resignation in infamy.  Mo’Kelly happens to believe that being the ONLY president to ever resign and its connection to orchestrating a conspiracy to obstruct justice in the investigation of multiple felonies…guarantees a spot on the short list of worst presidents in history.  In fact, that should get you the pole position in this race to the bottom.

But truthfully, it’s low-hanging fruit.  Let’s dig deeper in the annals of infamous presidents.

George W. Bush – an unnecessary Iraq war under false pretenses and creating the economic climate (including Iraq expenditure) which led to the Great Recession.  Remember him?  Ben, you should…his daddy and your Daddy used to work together.  You probably hung out at the White House on occasion and played finger paints together.  Yes, “Dubya” is 31 years older than you Ben, but that’s neither here nor there.  There’s a childlike quality which has followed “Dubya” for life.  We should agree, when we say “George W. Bush”…the words ”finger paints” can’t be far behind.

President Buchanan

James Buchanan

It is also widely-accepted that the inertia better known as the James Buchanan administration allowed the extension of slavery and the rise of the confederacy.  Translation, he paved the way for the Civil War.  Mo’Kelly happens to believe that any president who leads this country into its ONLY Civil War probably is far, far worse than anything which can be attributed to President Obama.  See also Franklin Pierce and Millard Fillmore and their “paved the way” Civil War contributions.

But nobody ever said hyperbole and the Tea Party ever relied on facts.

Let’s keep digging…Mo’Kelly brought his shovel.

William Harrison anyone?  Remember him?  You probably don’t and it’s

William Harrison

understandable why.  He was president for a grand total of 32 days.  He contracted pneumonia from his exceptionally long inauguration party as the story goes.  Harrison ended up as the first president to die in office.  Yes, got sick at his inauguration and died a month later.  Stellar presidential legacy Mo’Kelly must say…

President Obama…worst ever?

Neocon please…

In our attempts to really tie this up with a big red bow, we can’t forget the presidential contributions of Herbert Hoover, credited with walking the country into the Great Depression. (see George W. Bush and the Great Recession above).  Mo’Kelly should also note that Hoover lowered taxes and refused going the route of financial relief (i.e. bailing out Wall Street and Main Street).  Pay attention Tea Party supporters.  Lowered taxes and refused to grant financial relief.  History is clear on how that strategy turned out.

That is only a short list of “worst presidents.”  How President Obama is even mentioned in such company inside of two years is beyond laughable.  One does not have to agree with his policy decisions to know that classless (and easily refutable) statements by an unknown congressional aspirant are only for the purpose of stoking the Tea Party fires.  Going further, such tactics are draped in political naïveté and in flagrant disregard of American history.

If you the reader have opened just ONE history book in your lifetime or are over the age of 35 (the age requirement to BECOME president), you the reader then have enough ammunition to laugh Ben Quayle off the stage.

Hmm, the guy who isn’t even old enough to become president and hasn’t even held congressional office is weighing in on the “worst president ever.” There’s a reason why there’s an age requirement and there’s also a reason why parents invented “eating at the kids’ table.”

Ben Quayle.

Yes, never let facts and common sense get in the way of a good Republican rant.

If this is the type of Congressional leadership his potential Arizona constituency desires, then Lord help them all.

Then again, this is the same Arizona which fought to block the King holiday and gave us SB1070.  Its hostility towards people of color and the backwards mentality of those supporting such drivel are also well-documented.  Maybe Quayle is just “playing to his base.”

Doubt it.  Remember, he is the son of Dan Quayle.



Ben Quayle, Mo’Kelly has met Barack Obama.  He is an honorable man and politician.  Ben Quayle, you’re no Barack Obama.


Ben Quayle, the son of arguably the biggest laughingstock in the history of politics and spelling bees has lashed out at President Obama in the hopes of gaining notoriety, press and Tea Party-esque adoration.

(“Arguably” because Sarah Palin deserves due consideration.  Let’s give credit where credit is due.  Mo’Kelly will listen to any and all Sarah Palin arguments for laughingstock supremacy.)

In terms of “notoriety,” mission accomplished and Ben Quayle will be treated accordingly going forward.  Add this to your press clippings.

“M-o-’-K-e-l-l-y” is how it is spelled…no extra “e” please.  This is 2010, spell check has been invented.


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