Commentary — 15 July 2010

Ruth Major

Julia Brogdon Purnell’s counsel, Ruth Major checks in with the latest in her attempts to review the records of the sorority can be found below.

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  • Legacy08

    My mouth won't close. DAYUM. I am sorry for the language, but that's all I can say. I am praying for my sorority. This is ridiculous and to think there are people who are still supporting her. I just got my Ivy Leaf today and her parting words were as bitter and silly as the rest of her "speeches" and emails.

  • Von 08

    Ivy Legacy 08..Please let me ditto your first sentence!!!Now we know why the IRS is still at the office….And these idiots got fancied up and saluted her for outstanding leadership. I am sick about to throw up. I want handouts of Ms. Majors report copied and passed out at the 7th plenary. BAM and that entire board the executive director et. al. should be arrested. BAM is getting ready to go on her exotic trips. She planned this down to the minute. I don't very much about the law, but some legal official should be at the convention center collecting passports!!! This is monstrous verification that what we suspected is even worse. Unbelievable!!!

  • Rebecca K

    As Soror Purnell's case (which was only about getting to see the documents) drags to a conclusion, we need to think about bringing a class action against BAM and her directorate — to get our monies back AND to demonstate to the nation that though, like all others, we have our problems (and this is a HUGE ONE), we are NOT the ladies to mess with or to try to mess over!!!

  • Rebecca K

    addendum— I hope that Sorors realize that criminal actions that may be taken by the AG of Illinois or the IRS will NOT get the funds back into our coffers…..We have to stand up and tell the court that we want very particular things to happen— and it doesn't take all sorors to get the courts to rule on these things.

  • Edda R.

    Sorry to say but I'm not entirely sure that this "proof" would convince those on site at the boule that in fact BAM did anything wrong.

    Now, however, if it were to appear in the Chicago or DC news, properly certified and all, maybe just maybe some would take a second look.

    Judge needs to order the surrender of everyone involved's passport as well as a few bar association's cards. Doubt he sees as big a picture as we?

    Death, where is thy sting. Grave? thou victory.

    I was hoping that nothing (like Geraldo's search in Al Capone's safe) would be found and all this would blow over.

    Even "I" can be an optimist, from time to time.

  • Disgusted Soror

    All I can say is oh my goodness! In the words of Madear "I KNOWED IT". Because you don't allow the organization you profess to love to get a contempt charge because you won't turn over books if there's no wrongdoing. They stalled just enough to try and cook the books–idiots..don't they know every transaction can (or should) be traced back to source documents? That reconciliations will occur and it's easy to tell when something's missing? I am not satisfied with just getting BAM…the rest of the directorate needs to go to jail as well as Eric Salstrand and his staff, as they are at best incompetent…and at least duplicit and criminal when it comes to keeping the books.

  • StrongIvy

    WHAT?!?!?!? And the cost for the Boule registration was 550.00, per soror? The cost was 450 this year? She could have paid all of our ways, plus some. Everytime I go to chapter meeting, I hear about a new assessment for soemthing "new" that AKA is going to do. With all of the money BAM stole, she could have paid for the BP oil leak by herself. SMH

  • AKA Everyday

    Mr. Kelly, thank you for being at the forefront of this battle. I can't begin to tell you how grateful my sorors and I are to you and Attorney Major for helping us amplify our voice.

    A little soror-birdie is telling me that the IRS could investigate this matter if they receive Complaint Form 3949 A. Just a thought…

  • ithink912

    Talk about "A Serious Matter"…

    This will continue as long as Sorors continue to pay dues, fees, assessments, etc. and pray at the altar of BAM. I just cannot give my money to folks who handle it so poorly. BAM etc. should be ashamed. But sorors who continue to give up their hard earned dollars should be outraged. I bet St. Louis was just a sickening display of our "great leader." I'm absolutely disgusted…

    I know sorors who fuss and cuss after every meeting about the BS going on yet they still packed up their pearls and rode out to St. Louis. WHY????

    What's in this for the directorate and others to be so complicit? What do they get from giving BAM a cool million? If I were the judge, I'da tossed that HR rep who showed up in court the other day straight in the slammer. And yes I know it wasn't her fault… These people are risking JAIL.

    A soror friend who went to Boule managed to get a hotel room at a host Boule hotel for almost half the rate AKA 'advertised.' You can't tell me a hotel doesn't offer better hotel rates for the number of attendees AKA Boule's book. I'm not an accountant but even a simpleton can see they have got to be raking in money hand over fist. WHY ARE NOT ENOUGH SORORS OUTRAGED ENOUGH ABOUT THIS?! I just don't understand…Maybe it's me… Maybe I'm not a true soror…

  • AKA Everyday

    @ithink912 – You are NOT alone. I am outraged to the point that I will not rest until I make my voice heard by someone, anyone, and in that case it will be the authorities. I am reviewing the documents shared by Mr. Kelly here and on the …Ivy site and am printing down pertinent information that perhaps the Illinois Attorney General's office and the IRS would appreciate having available.

    I am committed to doing what I can to steer Alpha Kappa Alpha back onto the right path, and to that end, as of today, Alpha Kappa Alpha will not see another dime of my money until the individuals who aided and abetted this culture of financial malfeasance are prosecuted AND removed from office. Once the smoke clears and the dust settles, and BAM's tarnished name and horrific legacy are done away with, then I will resume my financial status with the sorority. But as of today, my chapter won't see anything else coming out of my wallet.

    From one true soror to another…

  • Von 08

    ithink…Let me join you and the others in your opinions. I am livid!!! We celebrated what a small group of women did that was remarkable.Then here comes this monstrous piece of corruption with a boatload of dummies and greedies to support her. I am so angry at this point that if I ran in to a BOT today ain't no telling what I'd say!! Their so called love for the sisterhood is just as fake as they are. Their ONLY concern is what's in this for me. I know we'll never get our money back. That is why I want ALL responsible for this arrested. I know some of the newly elected leadership are former board members. We can't allow them to assume leadership. I wish that BAM would be arrested at the convention center. BAM dares to talk about suspension and expulsion. We've got to do what we can to punish these greedy crooks. Hitler didn;t get a wax figure and a vacation. BAM shouldn't either!!!

  • Edda R.

    I suppose what's needed NOW is a public spokesperson for the forward movement needed to light a fire under the complacement sorors who just want to go along with the current program?

    One fearless LEADER to put a face to the movement?

  • jayjay

    A leader to put a face to the movement?? Class action suit?? Folks, what do you think the WI8 have been doing all this time? Don't forget they have an appeal hanging and they were smart to wait to see if Purnell was successful in opening the financial records. There's still alot of financial info we don't know so hold on tight…the more info the better their case. We need to support the 8 that alerted us to what was going on. In the meantime, we need to voice of concerns to our chapter presidents, regional directors, and to the new president and directorate. Deluge them with your letters and call for changes in our documents. Don't forget to express that you want punishment for all those involved in this malfeasance. Again, support the WI8. Don't leave them hanging. We know they will fight for us no matter the consequence.

  • Von 08

    jay jay…You are right on point. I'll send a letter to my RD. Do you think if I send a letter to House Stewart she'll read it or..(background doomsday music playing ) will I wind up on the dreaded suspension list?

  • Disenchanted Pearl

    This is sad. We have been manipulated, bullied and lied to. Something more has to be done here. We definitely need to support those members who have filed lawsuits. I beg all of you who want to see a difference made, to support former International President Julia Purnell who is seeking the release and review of the financial records. I believe that investigation will also help support the efforts of the 8 members who filed the initial lawsuit. This is not over by a long shot. It will cost tens of thousands of dollars to have the financial documents audited in full (IF ALL of them are even released).

    Oh and to be clear, while the IRS has been at the corporate office, please realize that the IRS involvement has to do primarily with BAM in a completely separate issue (OUTSIDE of AKA). AKA is only a part of that overall investigation. That information alone speaks for itself.

    This report from Ruth Major only scratches the surface of what BAM and her cronies have done to Alpha Kappa Alpha. There are so many things that the membership does not know, even with all of the information on the FOWI site. I can't imagine how it got to this point, but ultimately the membership has been complacent and unwilling to air the dirty laundry. I will raise my hand as a member and say that I too should have made more noise about the issue. However, I also know it's difficult when you're fearful of being suspended or even expelled for asking questions of the organization in which your dues and contributions help run. Yes I said expelled! But the time for that is over. Speak up! Encourage, no demand that your chapters to do and say more. Target your Regional Directors as they are on the Directorate. We have to utilize our strength in numbers.

    I don't even want to think about what this could do to our beloved organization in the years to come. Please continue to pray for truth, justice and retribution.

  • Rebecca K

    Sorors– those wishing to strategize further may contact me at — I created this email for Obama purposes such as this.

    Do NOT— again i stress do NOT email me from your primary Email ADDY — you need to check me out first! We can't be too careful.

    I can't think of any other way for us to proceed as I don't know how to reach you from the site……

    UNLESS of course— Mo'K would facilitate our linking up by allowing us to communicate through him for a hot minute…..

    Either way… I think we need to talk…..

  • Von 08

    Rebecca..I've read some very positive posts about your aunt. Could you share a little basic background information maybe region, positions held last name. I think that the posts lauding her accomplishments are great. Also as soon as I can get someone to set up a secondary account I will contact you. I am convinced that this fight to save our sisterhood will continue with only a small number of supporters. Reviving our documents is the primary undertaking. I also believe that General Members will make the difference. As a collective force I haven't seen much from chapters

  • Disrepected

    It is understandable that so many Sorors are upset and confused about what is going on with the organization that we all love, but this is not the way to handle anything. It is not only disrepectful to your other Sorors but disrepectful to the Sisterhood that you "love" to openly discuss and bash your leadership on a public site. These matters should be left to conversations amongst other Sorors ONLY!!!! Just downright disrespectful…SMDH

    • So "Disrepected"…not sure what word that is. Your contribution to this conversation means what then? Have you nothing to say about the ISSUES raised? If you're willing to COMMENT publicly you might as well address the overwhelming evidence, or the news stories, or the court orders…something. All of the aforementioned are public domain.

      Going further…I don't think anyone who is against Barbara McKinzie considers her their "leader." Criminal…maybe, but leader, clearly not. Did you read any of the documents…listen to any of the interviews? ANYTHING?!

  • Legacy08

    @Disrespected – I understand that you feel we should not discuss this openly. However, I find it disrespectful that my sorority has been put into this light. BAM has repeatedly said "they are disloyal" whenever asked about what is being reported. I don't know how many have noticed it but she never says "it didn't happen" she just blasts the person who dared to mention it.
    Saying that we should handle it in house is how the problem has been perpetuated. Clearly the in house method has not worked. There are laws, Federal and State, that must be followed. As an active member, there are things that I will never discuss on an open forum. However, right is right and wrong is wrong. It is wrong for anyone to sit quietly in the name of loyalty when the sorority's name is being destroyed.
    I hate to sound off base, but "keep it in the family" is a similar sentiment that is expressed when people of color don't want to address something in front of others. Thinking like that may prove our loyalty, but it also shows that we are not willing to say when someone/something we love or care about truly needs help. The sorority needs help and unfortunately that help may need to come from an outside source.

  • Von 08

    Disrespected…as I used to tell my students, to get respect you must give respect. The "leadership" you support has no respect for anyone or anything. First let me ask you, when and where did sorors have a chanCe to discuus their/our concerns? It certainly didn't happen at the last Boule. This discretion you and so many others want doesn't exist. WE HAVE NEVER DISCUSSED RITUALS ON ANY SITE. Although, I don't doubt that you or some other gullible soror will, at the behest of the despot BAM, post our rituals then blame the WI8. The vast majority of discussions talked about are PUBLIC DOMAIN ITEMS many from court cases. Make sure BAM explains to you in clear, simple words what it means to hire an attorney and create legal documents that become a PUBLIC RECORD. I don't know what's worse BAM"s flagrant theivery or the disgrace you and yours have made of your so-called college degrees. By the way, since you're the lucky one who gets to use the brain tonight, ruminate on this a while… do you think the IRS is still at the office because they love the coffee and doughnuts? What do you think will happen when the IRS releases the report I'll give you a desperately needed clue…PENALTIES…HEAVY ASTRONOMICAL PENALITIES. I'm sure you've depleted the brain's processing power by now…be sure to ask the next person to help you with the hard questions. You and your mindless, nescient, uninformed,doltish cohorts want to protect a criminal so YOU won't look bad. WE are intent on saving what was a unique and wonderful vision. WE are determined to get rid of the thugs and thug supporters. WE WILL MAKE ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA GREAT AGAIN. If you feel this post is disrespectful to you, I AM NOT SORRY.

    • @Von…you've been hanging out here too long. That sounds like something I would write. 🙂 Something else I noticed…BAM misspelled "frivolous." That's appropriate.

  • educatedivy96

    Mo…since you have contact with Ruth Major, are you aware if she would be willing to represent some of us in a class action suit? If you do not know, how might we contact her directly with this question?

  • Von 08

    Mr. Kelly, I have very great respect for you and your writing. I may not comment on everything but I do read and your posts have also pointed me to look for more information…the basis of education. A positive comment from you is high praise indeed!! I've tried really hard in my posts to your blog to always be respectful. I had to calm down before I posted that last one. My respect for the way I was raised and your blog helped me to take a deep breath before touching the computer. Mo I have absolutely reached the completely fed up position. Mountains of evidence especially the information from Ruth Majors and yet these simpleminded women continue to support BAM. At some point you have to call out the hopelessly ignorant. I certainly do not want to clog up your blog. I will not respond to every stupid post that is sent. Thank you so much Mo for making this story and all the details available to us. And thanks too for the positive comparison to what you do so well regularly :0)

  • educatedivy96

    Mo…disregard my earlier post. I have contacted Ms. Major myself.

  • Edda R.

    Meanwhile, over on the weeping site, it seems that $75K is needed by next week for the full court presentation by the accountants and such.

    Perhaps those who did not pony up for the boule??????????

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