Commentary — 27 January 2010

Johnny Morris (center)

Well, at least he didn’t show up by the time Mo’Kelly left.  On Monday evening, Mo’Kelly and hundreds of other radio professionals celebrated the 45-year radio career of legend Johnny Morris.  In an event hosted by comedian Mark Curry and Louis Dix, entertainers, friends and co-workers (including yours truly) said words and raised money on behalf of Morris who is battling cancer.

By the time Mo’Kelly left, there was no sign of El DeBarge, so no peace agreement could be signed.  Maybe next time.

The night was filled by great performances, those by Stevie Wonder, Jamie Foxx, Lenny Williams of Tower of Power fame and Raphael Saadiq.

Jamie Foxx

Raphael Saadiq

Stevie Wonder


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  • I wanna be like you when I grow up.

    But DeBarge don't wants none of Mo'Kelly. 😉

  • Nancy Lee

    Wow!!! Why don't you give El DeBarge a rest. Allow the man a chance to re-connect with his wife, children, and family!! Let it go. already!

    • Nancy, thanks for coming by. Nobody has prevented him from "reconnecting" with anyone. Explain exactly how's he's a "sympathetic figure" in this discussion. How many arrests, how many convictions…how many times before I'm allowed to comment without complaint from you?

      Let me know a number. Obviously you're from Detroit and a Wayne State student. You tell me…how many? 5, 10, 15? Or are you simply a fan and unwilling to discuss the underlying (and relevant) issues?

  • Denise

    You have a problem and I dream of whipping your fake Tae Kwon Do boody. You no-talent bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep. Your column is trash……. it has no value. Someone said you're like Rush Limbaugh, and I didn't understand it at first, but now I do. You whine and whine and whine.

  • Denise

    When I see you in person I'm gonna put you in your place, verbally speaking of course. It won't be hard because you a lightweight, superficial, pseudo-journalist (boy, that's a laugh) ……bleep, bleep, bleep. We ARE going to spar verbally, and I will show you just how shallow you are. I'm out you BLEEP.

    • Whatever Denise. If your previous comment is your introduction to me and in any way indicative of your verbal "prowess," I look forward to our meeting. You obviously haven't done your homework and that should bode well for our first encounter. If you have to "tell" me you're superior and can't demonstrate it accordingly, that means you can't.

      Text allows you the time to craft and argument and even edit it. If you can't do that, best of luck for the in-person unrehearsed commentary.

      • And thanks for all the compliments Denise…I do appreciate them.

  • Denise Tancredi

    Let me break it down to you: I am superior to you in some ways and in some ways you are superior to me. We each have talents and abilities in our own way. The difference between us is that I don't envy others talents and abilities. You've lost all objectivity as a journalist, commenting on people's personal, god-given attributes such as what type of hair they have. That's so old. Your insecurities are showing. Your lack of character is so obvious. You, I see, look forward to playing the "dozens." I thought as much. It comes through in your ranting. No matter how much "homework" I do, you get no credit from me. You're making an ass of yourself and, I really don't need a light to see through you. I'm not gonna tell you to stop being a hater, because that is obviously who you are and cannot rise above it. I certainly see why you resonate with Rush Limbaugh. That heart attack scare didn't humble his butt, but something will, guaranteed. What's gonna humble you???? Man up!

    • Denise, if I'm not "worth your trouble"…please explain why you continue to stop by? I need neither your credit nor your approval. Your level of argumentation is sophomoric. Have a great day.

    • I don't play the dozens with anyone, I just recognize when people attempt to start wars with inadequate weapons. Do better Denise. I'm still pulling for you.

      Try not to contradict yourself next time. Don't spend your time here detailing how unimportant I supposedly am yet in the same breath continue to explain why you spend time here. I don't spend time reading (and responding) to that which or who is unimportant. It's unfortunate how you don't understand that your very presence here is validation.

      Do better Denise. I know you can.

  • denisetancredi

    I don't spend time with you mo kelly. You called God's words sophomoric, not mine. You dismiss anyone who is on your funky ass, you trite bitch.

    • Yes, you don't spend time with me…you just keep commenting. And by the way, I called your ARGUMENTATION sophomoric…not your words. Too bad you're not quite bright enough to realize the difference. In addition, I must say it's rather odd to combine "God's words" and "funky ass" "trite bitch" in the same sentence.

      Clearly, I win again. When they resort to name-calling, clearly I've won…again.

      I don't dismiss dissenting opinions, I dismiss ignorance such as yours. Not all opinions are created equal. As in this case, some are more informed than others. You surely represent El DeBarge well, your response closely resembles his…imagine that.

      Denise, come back again. I know you will. Can't get enough of this place it seems.

  • Tanya

    Mo’Kelly, you are not offering constructive criticism about El Debarge. You are just being mean spirited. It’s really sad.

    • How about this constructive criticism. If he stays off of drugs and not beating women he can stay out of jail. Better?

  • jon

    first of all….

    1)el did not threaten you, lol….although he SHOULD have

    2) get real! that is not his real email address,
    you made that up, lmao

    3) you are not found in wikipedia,…..who the (bleep) are you!? rofl

    • Check this out Jon.

      Yes he did…please see the word "threat" in the dictionary and refresh yourself. As for the email address, it was confirmed by family members.

      And since when did wikipedia equate to legitimacy? What are you 12? So "Jon" have a good day. Do better the next time you leave a comment. It'll at least inspire me to "try" next time. Right now it's too easy to run circles around you.

      Sorry, didn't make the email up. And yes, it's legitimate and been verified.

  • miss

    Anger is a masked emotion for sadness and hurt! Who hurt you Mo'Kelly? What happened to you honey? I'm here if you want to talk!

    • Hurt? Anger? You have the wrong blog. I think you meant to stop by As for anger and hurt…sorry, I wasn't the one arrested on charges of violence. Maybe your question is better directed elsewhere. But I do appreciate the concern. Love is always appreciated.

  • Kim
  • Hey I Can't Stop Rubbing On My Chocha 2 The Sound Of El Debarge Voice! Eldra Patrick debarge im flooded; im so flooded El ur Voice Is My Whole Entire World. Come 2 My Rescue Prince Eldra! Soak In My Love, Or Drown Baby! Love Always Chocha Gurl 4get The Haterz U Rock Babe <3

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