: ' GLAAD'

Controversy Brewing between Tom Joyner and Roland Martin?! (Mo’Kelly Report EXCLUSIVE)

Mo’Kelly’s Two Minute Warning – Tom Joyner is not ‘GLAAD’ with Roland Martin by Mr. Mo’Kelly Last Friday radio host Tom Joyner published an open letter to Roland Martin, admonishing him among other things to do [...]

Roland Martin Goes Pink for GLAAD (PHOTO + Audio Commentary)

    No, Mo’Kelly will not be signing any petition to get Roland Martin reinstated. ¬†You can either be a respected CNN commentator (eventually an anchor) or you can try to be a social media comedian. [...]

We Are and Continue to Be the Blame for Bishop Eddie Long

The tweets were likely fleeting in nature, consistent with how the multitude of us use Twitter to socially interact. Momentary thoughts, ephemeral emotions…140 character snapshots of one’s conscience. CNN commentator Roland Martin has come under fire [...]