We review your favorite comic book and action movies…often times with profanity. All the time with spoilers.

Nerd-O-Rama Spoiler-Filled Breakdown of #WandaVision Ep. 9! (VIDEO!)

The Friday Knights of the Nerd-O-Rountable stayed up late to watch the season finale of WandaVision as well as record our immediate reactions. Despite the struggles of many of us to view the episode due to [...]

Nerd-O-Rama Star Wars Black History Month Celebration…Sort of (VIDEO)

View this post on Instagram Nerd-O-Rama: Director & Writer Make History as First Black Creative Team Behind Next Star Wars Project. Mo & Tawala discuss what this means for films and the future. #nerdorama #blackhistorymonth #starwars [...]

NerdCast #20 – ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ (Spoiler-Filled AUDIO)

This is a spoiler-filled discussion! Do NOT listen to this if you have NOT seen “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” [...]

Nerdcast #18 – The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ SPOILER-FILLED Review! (AUDIO)

Mo’Kelly, Tawala Sharp, Liz from the Freeway, Ryan McBain and Anthony from 2 Cubicles Down break down the epic finale to the MCU Phase 3 saga!  It is SPOILER-FILLED and ONLY for those who have seen [...]

The Knights of the Nerd-O-Roundtable Hee-Larry-Us Weekly Roundup – (AUDIO)

If you haven’t discovered our DAILY weekday podast “Nerd-O-Rama” with Mo’ and Tawala, shame on you. Oh boy, have you been missing out. Each Friday the Knights of the Immortal Nerd-O-Roundtable get together and there’s no [...]

NerdCast #18 – ‘Aquaman’ (AUDIO)

Listen to “NerdCast #18 – Aquaman” on Spreaker. [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – Top Hollywood Producer Michael Uslan Pays Tribute to Stan Lee (AUDIO)

Michael Uslan has executive produced EVERY Batman movie you have seen and even the ones still in production. Every. Single. One. On this day though, Uslan paid tribute to his friend, mentor and colleague Stan Lee [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – Comic-Con Show Plus Exclusive Backstage Interviews! (AUDIO)

The love shown to The Mo’Kelly Show in San Diego was tremendous!  Beyond the announcement of the exclusive handmade Mo’Kelly Funko ‘Pop’ for the public, we had some fantastic conversations with some heavy hitters and up-and-coming [...]