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Ottawa Cancels Rick Ross Concert Due to Date Rape Lyrics Controversy

OTTAWA — Controversial rapper Rick Ross will no longer be performing in Ottawa on Tuesday following a storm of criticism over his most recent song that seems to glorify date rape. The Carleton University Students’ Association [...]

Rick Ross Date Rape Lyrics Story Hits L.A. Times (FINALLY)

For the last week Rick Ross has been engulfed in a firestorm over recent lyrics that seemingly promote date rape. Although the track, “U.O.E.N.O.” (a collaboration with Future and Atlanta emcee Rocko; warning: link contains profanity) has been [...]

Rick Ross Date Rape Story FINALLY Hits CNN

From CNN Hip-hop artist Rick Ross apologized –sort of — twice on Thursday for song lyrics that seem to allude to date rape, but many weren’t buying it. Ross has been taking heat since the song [...]

Parents Television Council Calls on Radio Stations to Stop Playing Rick Ross Date Rape Song

LOS ANGELES (April 2, 2013) – The Parents Television Council (PTC), along with Rap Rehab, Industry Ears, and a broad coalition of organizations, is calling on radio stations across the country to cease airing a song [...]

Mo’Kelly Talks to Paul Porter on The Snoop Dogg/Blast Malt Liquor Controversy

Today in The Mo’Kelly Report, Mo’Kelly speaks with former BET Program Director and present media watchdog Paul Porter of industryears.com to discuss the evolving controversy surrounding the new malt liquor beverage “Blast,” its celebrity spokesperson Snoop [...]

Cathy Hughes, Radio-One and Reality

This was sent to Mo’Kelly by fellow writer and justice advocate Paul Porter, long-time industry insider.  Tell Mo’Kelly what you think. Might be time for another interview with Paul. http://www.industryears.com/blog/06/09/2010/cathy-hughes-when-blacks-turn-green/ _____ When Blacks Turn Green If [...]