We review your favorite comic book and action movies…often times with profanity. All the time with spoilers.

Nerdcast #15 – Solo: A Star Wars Story (Explicit Spoiler-Filled Audio)

For this special NerdCast, we were joined by LucasFilm Writer and Producer Rodney Barnes of Marvel’s Runaways, The Boondocks and the new comic miniseries “Lando: Double or Nothing.” Check out our other NerdCasts HERE [...]

NerdCast #14: Deadpool 2 (Spoiler-Filled Explicit AUDIO)

Our usual contributors of Thomas Cunningham, Tawala Sharp and I give our unanimous love and support to Deadpool 2! Listen to “NerdCast #14 – Deadpool 2” on Spreaker. Previous NerdCasts: NerdCast #1 – Logan NerdCast #2 [...]

NerdCast #13 – Avengers: Infinity War! (Expletive Spoiler-Filled AUDIO)

Thomas Cunningham, Hannibal Tabu and Tawala Sharp (our usual contributors) join me for a profane and profoundly insightful, spoiler-filled discussion of the implications of Avengers: Infinity War. Buckle up! Listen to “NerdCast #13 – Avengers Infinity [...]

NerdCast #12 – Star Wars Rebels V. Star Trek: Discovery (Explicit AUDIO)

Previous NerdCasts: NerdCast #1 – Logan NerdCast #2 – Kong: Skull Island NerdCast #3 – Iron Fist NerdCast #4 – Wonder Woman NerdCast #5 – Spider-man: Homecoming NerdCast #6 – Super-Sized Sci-Fi Special NerdCast #7 – [...]

NerdCast #11 – ‘Black Panther’ Extended Special Spoiler-Filled SuperCast (VIDEO)

Today The Mo’Kelly Show is pleased to present a very special extended conversation regarding the cinematic phenomenon, Black Panther. This video podcast is rich in spoilers and not for the 5 people in America who have not [...]

NerdCast #10 – Black Lightning * Bright * Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 5 * Black Panther Preview (Explicit AUDIO)

Listen to “NerdCast #10 – Black Lightning” on Spreaker. VIDEO VERSION  Nerdcast #10 – Black Lightning, Bright, Agents of SHIELD and MORE! from Thomas Cunningham IV on Vimeo. Previous NerdCasts: NerdCast #1 – Logan NerdCast [...]

NerdCast #9 – The Last Jedi (Explicit Spoiler-Filled AUDIO)

Turn back if you wish not to hear spoilers and plot points regarding Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. We cover ALL of them, top to bottom. Continue on if you dare, but it [...]

NerdCast #8 – Justice League/Crisis on Earth-X (Explicit Spoiler-Filled AUDIO)

This is only for those who have seen the new Justice League movie AND the four-part crossover TV special “Crisis on Earth-X” which canvassed across Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Be warned, there [...]

NerdCast #7 – Thor: Ragnarok (Explicit Spoiler-Filled AUDIO)

ONLY for those who have SEEN Thor: Ragnarok! Listen to “NerdCast #7 – Thor Ragnarok” on Spreaker. NerdCast #1 – Logan NerdCast #2 – Kong: Skull Island NerdCast #3 – Iron Fist NerdCast #4 – Wonder [...]

Nerdcast #6: Special Super-Sized Sci-Fi Edition (AUDIO)

From Blade Runner 2049 to The Orville to even the just-released “Justice League” trailer, a very special Nerdtastic offering on the latest in the world of Science Fiction cinema. The good, the bad and the Fugly.  [...]