We review your favorite comic book and action movies…often times with profanity. All the time with spoilers.

NerdCast #11 – ‘Black Panther’ Extended Special Spoiler-Filled SuperCast (VIDEO)

Today The Mo’Kelly Show is pleased to present a very special extended conversation regarding the cinematic phenomenon, Black Panther. This video podcast is rich in spoilers and not for the 5 people in America who have not [...]

NerdCast #10 – Black Lightning * Bright * Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Season 5 * Black Panther Preview (Explicit AUDIO)

Listen to “NerdCast #10 – Black Lightning” on Spreaker. VIDEO VERSION  Nerdcast #10 – Black Lightning, Bright, Agents of SHIELD and MORE! from Thomas Cunningham IV on Vimeo. Previous NerdCasts: NerdCast #1 – Logan NerdCast [...]

NerdCast #9 – The Last Jedi (Explicit Spoiler-Filled AUDIO)

Turn back if you wish not to hear spoilers and plot points regarding Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. We cover ALL of them, top to bottom. Continue on if you dare, but it [...]

NerdCast #8 – Justice League/Crisis on Earth-X (Explicit Spoiler-Filled AUDIO)

This is only for those who have seen the new Justice League movie AND the four-part crossover TV special “Crisis on Earth-X” which canvassed across Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Be warned, there [...]

NerdCast #7 – Thor: Ragnarok (Explicit Spoiler-Filled AUDIO)

ONLY for those who have SEEN Thor: Ragnarok! Listen to “NerdCast #7 – Thor Ragnarok” on Spreaker. NerdCast #1 – Logan NerdCast #2 – Kong: Skull Island NerdCast #3 – Iron Fist NerdCast #4 – Wonder [...]

Nerdcast #6: Special Super-Sized Sci-Fi Edition (AUDIO)

From Blade Runner 2049 to The Orville to even the just-released “Justice League” trailer, a very special Nerdtastic offering on the latest in the world of Science Fiction cinema. The good, the bad and the Fugly.  [...]

NerdCast #5 – Spider-Man: Homecoming (AUDIO)

WARNING: This is only for people who have seen the movie and aren’t offended by profanity. If that’s you, then proceed. Our panel consists of: King Nerdificent Tawala Sharp – Producer of The Mo’Kelly Show Brian [...]

NerdCast #4 – Wonder Woman (AUDIO)

WARNING: This is only for people who have seen the movie and aren’t offended by profanity. If that’s you, then proceed. For this VERY special NerdCast we’ve assembled an eclectic mix of women, men, comic book [...]

NerdCast #3 – Netflix/Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ (AUDIO)

The regular trio of Thomas Cunningham, Tawala Sharp and myself break down and analyze the latest Netflix Marvel offering, “Iron Fist.” Tawala Sharp is all by himself in making a case in support of this. Warning, [...]

NerdCast #2 – Kong: Skull Island (AUDIO)

#NerdCast #KingKong #KongSkullIsland #MoKelly For NerdCast #2, we review the #1 movie in America, Kong: Skull Island. We have arguments both for and against the movie. This is full of spoilers and profanity. If either/both offend [...]