Commentary Mo' On Radio News — 02 March 2014

This was an exceptionally rewarding program. After a week of thinking about how deeply AB 1062 was bothering me…I had plenty to say. I encourage you to take a listen.

Yahoo Movies Senior Editor Kevin Polowy gives his Oscar picks and predictions for Oscar night.

There is a back-to-back of WHY Animals Attack and WHEN Animals Attack.

Also, friend, comic book writer and karaoke brother Hannibal Tabu joins us for Nerd-O-Rama while also sharing his own comic, Artifacts #35.  And by the way, did you know that Mo’Kelly was on The Dating Game once upon a time?  Hear the story.

We closed the show with the joys of singing karaoke.  Go on the journey with us.


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  • Mo’ I don’t listen to your show. It just doesn’t fit into my schedule. But, a while back, I heard you on Handel discussing why you didn’t think the ‘N-word” wasn’t appropriate any time , any where. Made sense. What is good sense?? When someone else’s sensibilities matches yours. You made sense. I caught part of your show yesterday in passing. You spoke on Arizona AB 1062. Made great sense. Good job. From a ultra-conservative, right-wing Christian, re-thinking his world. Rich

    • Mr. Mo’Kelly

      Humbled Rich,

      I live by the premise that there is right and wrong and how we get there often includes a lot of gray, cluttered with partisan rhetoric (AB1062). And there are sometimes that right and wrong IS (pun not intended) black and white (N-word). I only strive to have more of a sensible approach to discussions. And let the truth fall where it may.

      Thank you again for your kind note.


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