Commentary — 31 March 2012

In case you didn’t hear the live announcement yesterday on KTLK AM1150, Mo’Kelly will have his own show on AM640 KFI, Saturday nights from 6 – 8pm PDT.

KFI is the #1 talk station in America.  Not just Los Angeles, but the whole country!

Mo’Kelly said 2012 would be the make or break year.

“Make”…it is.

It is because you, your loyal readership and faithful support that Mo’Kelly’s dream has become reality.

For those outside Los Angeles, know that this will be a show with a national appeal and you are encouraged to listen via (search “kfi”).

But wait there’s more!

In the interim, you STILL will be able to hear Mo’Kelly in the morning on KTLK AM1150 (sister station) weekdays!

I can not thank each every one of you enough.

Mo’Kelly, Saturday evenings on the #1 station in America.  Not a bad day.


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Morris W. O’Kelly (Mo’Kelly) is a columnist, radio and television commentator. Visit for the latest from Mr. Mo’Kelly. He is heard weekends from 6-8pm on KFI AM640 in Los Angeles. The program is available via the iHeartRadio app and for download on iTunes and all podcasting apps.

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