Commentary — 28 July 2011

On one hand, it makes sense.  If you believed Eddie Long after the first four, a fifth isn’t going to make any difference.  You simply are uninterested in any search for truth.  Another 75 could emerge and these sycophants would still allege some plot to “bring down” Long.  Best of luck to them.  Mo’Kelly doesn’t have the heart to tell them that Eddie Long is not worth “bringing down.”

Eddie Long is not important in the grand scheme of things.

He’s just gay.  No more, no less.  The news story is how it plays out with males under the age of 18 in his care.


Members of Bishop Long’s Church React to Report:

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  • Karen W

    Wow…. Denial to those members is a river in Egypt!! Get off the Kool-Aid folks!!! I hate to say it (and I am a Christian), but those people are fully and undeniably brainwashed by this man. It is unfortunate that they can’t see that their Pastor is a Pedophile…I agree with you Mo, the issue is not his gayness, it is his predatory interactions with minors that is the problem.

    And I want my $10 back from my donation when I visited the church back in 1996!!!

  • So true Karen. It just never seems to end does it, Mo’? Just when you thing the Eddie Long saga may be coming to an end, there’s more surprises at a blink of an eye. And those members will worship him til death do them part!

  • Angel

    I guess none of these parishoners have been praying for the gift of discernment.

  • Sheep. SMH.

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