The Sugar Shane Mosley Hall of Fame Induction Interview! (AUDIO)
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“Sugar” Shane Mosley joined me on the eve of his induction into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame. Enjoy. [...]

Nerd-O-Rama Daily! – Tom Cruise as Green Lantern? * Comics Vs. Porn (AUDIO)
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Comics and television writer Brandon Easton joins us to give his insight as to the ongoing struggle of comic book shops to turn a profit and the evolution of the industry. It is an [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show’s EXTENDED Musical Tribute to Aretha Franklin (AUDIO)
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How better to pay tribute to the legend, her life and musical legacy…but by song? We did just that. [...]

Nerd-O-Rama Daily Podcast – Sony is Trippin’ * MCU 10 Imax Celebration * Comic Book Wednesday (AUDIO)
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Remember to subscribe to the Nerd-O-Rama podcast directly at iheart.com, the iHeartRadio app, spreaker.com, iTunes or your favorite podcasting app! It is a daily deep dive into the news and issues most impactful to [...]

Nerd-O-Rama Daily Podcast – Idris Elba as 007?! (AUDIO)
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The Daily Nerd-O-Rama Podcast is Here! (AUDIO)
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Get your Nerd news and commentary each weekday with Mo’ and Tawala! Check it out! Be sure to look for it on iTunes and your favorite podcast player to get the daily episode notifications.  [...]