Commentary — 18 May 2013

The end to the ordeal is near… The following is a mixed bag of good and bad news.

___Barbara McKinzie

A judge says eight suspended members of the nation’s oldest black sorority should be reinstated and a multi-year lawsuit over issues involving sorority money ended.

The members of the Chicago-based Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sued the sorority and leader Barbara McKinzie in Washington in 2009. They were suspended as a result shortly after. The sorority sisters questioned McKinzie’s spending and payments to her.

On Tuesday, a D.C. judge wrote in a 61-page opinion that the members were improperly suspended. But the judge said the members failed to offer evidence, at least without expert testimony, that sorority leaders made improper financial decisions.

The decision could be appealed, but the judge suggested the parties settle instead. A lawyer for the members, A. Scott Bolden, said Thursday his clients were considering appealing.

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