Commentary — 07 February 2011

Then-Supreme Basileus of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Barbara A. McKinzie pocketed (in terms of what was actually reported to the IRS) almost half a million dollars, according to the organization’s official 990 form for fiscal year 2009.

That’s more than President Obama and his “job” is a paid position.  According to the organization’s bylaws, the position of Supreme Basileus of Alpha Kappa Alpha is an unpaid, volunteer position.

Other figures of note include another $447, 879 in “legal fees” (page 8).  Altogether, almost $900,000 was paid to or because of McKinzie’s activities.

Barbara McKinzie (left), Betty James

Again, this is only what is actually being reported.  It’s unrealistic to suspect that this number includes any bogus reimbursements for inappropriate expenses to the organization’s corporate credit card or disbursements made off the books.

Let’s not forget to tip our hat to Executive Director Betty James who did quite well in her own right with more than 200k pocketed in 2009.

Straight highway robbery.  Your dues, your Boule registrations…straight to their bank accounts.

Anyone want to place a bet that McKinzie took another half million in 2010?

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(And y’all thought Mo’Kelly was done with this story?!  Think again…)

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