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According to a recently conducted financial investigation by an Elmhurst-based Illinois firm, Edward Kirby & Associates, Inc., AKA Inc., gave about $2 million in reimbursements and pay to McKinzie over the four years she served as president of the organization.

Although the investigators had limited time in which to conduct their review of the organization’s financial records, their examination found that McKinzie received “combined payments for compensation, retirement, taxes and expenses in excess of $2.2 million dollars.”

The review also discovered life insurance payments paid by

"Y'all misunderstood me...I didn't want a 'wax statue'...I wanted a 'waxed lip'. My bad."

AKA on behalf of McKinzie of more than $170,000 — among other financial perks.

“It is noted that these payments were just from a review of the general account and the American Express charge account,” wrote Steven Kirby in a letter detailing the review to Major and dated Sept. 20.

The review was conducted on behalf of Purnell who won a court order.

“There were several other AKA bank accounts that were not examined due to time and budget constraints from which additional funds were paid to Barbara McKinzie,” Kirby wrote.

According to the summary of the financial review, there were several “questionable transactions and/or bookkeeping issues.”

Fourteen missing checks, each for more than $10,000, totaling more than $327,000 that were not listed in the register;

Several duplicate expenses submitted by McKinzie paid by AKA’s American Express account;

Quarterly expense reports submitted by McKinzie with receipts from previous years;

Several thousand dollars charged for clothing from high fashion stores;

Over $35,000 for purchases listed as gifts that showed limited or no details;

Payments of McKinzie’s home and cell phone bills over $13,000.

“It is the opinion of the investigators that the preliminary findings to date would warrant a much more detailed examination and analysis of the books and records of AKA,” Kirby wrote. “The areas that should be focused on include a review of the additional bank accounts focusing on similar suspect payments as found in the review of the general account [and] an interview with Barbara McKinzie regarding questionable charges.”

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