Commentary — 25 October 2010

Spies for The Mo’Kelly Report have been working overtime this week.  It seems that Barbara McKinzie, almost simultaneous to the forensic audit of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority retained ANOTHER legal team, to personally represent her and “protect” her image.

(Whatever is left of it.)

Carol Ray

In another Mo’Kelly Report exclusive, McKinzie’s “new” legal team sent a threatening letter to Carol Ray, one of the original 8 plaintiffs, warning her (among other things) of the following:

We trust that you will not partake or initiate any conduct that would tend to damage the
reputation or shed a false light unto Ms. McKinzie. Nonetheless, be advised that the publication
or distribution of any untrue or even misleading statements regarding Ms. McKinzie, whether or
not derived from the aforementioned documents, would necessitate the need to take legal action.

Consider this letter notice that should Ms. McKinzie hear or become aware of any misleading and/or tortious statements that are derived from you, Ms. McKinzie and our firm will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action.”

And no…Mr. Mo’Kelly has never received any such communication…EVER.

Just sayin’.

I guess that means that EVERYTHING Mo’Kelly’s said about Barbara A. McKinzie is neither “misleading” nor “tortious.” In other words, EVERYTHING Mo’Kelly’s posted here is factual and actual.

But Mo’Kelly digresses…

To the best of Mo’Kelly’s knowledge, there has been no further threatening letters since to Ms. Ray. Just know, this legal team is likely being funded with her previous “salary” from the sorority. Hey, McKinzie has alleged all along she was an “employee” of the organization, so know that AKA’s money is still footing the bill.

Check out the letter HERE.

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