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On page 7 you will find that president Barbara McKinzie REPORTED income/compensation in excess of 300k for JUST 2008.  Mind you…for an “unpaid” position.  Mind you, this is only the REPORTED compensation, the stuff that McKinzie is willing to admit to receiving.  Who knows what the actual number might be.

Who knows what the 2009 actual number might be.  You saw right here two checks totaling half of a million dollars written to her in June of ’09.  There’s another 11 months unaccounted for and we can only speculate.  But according to this document, filed in NOVEMBER of ’09…McKinzie received more than 300k for her “unpaid” position.

Also, take note that on page one, it is stamped “received” by the IRS on November 19, 2009…and the extension request is “dated” August 12, 2009 on page 25 the final page.  Uh, any particular reason it sat for three months (just coincidentally during this litigation) without being filed?

Yes, it takes time and effort to ALLEGEDLY falsify documents.  Some things you just can’t rush.

Also interesting:

Barbara A. McKinzie spent more than 440k on “legal stuff” in 2008  (page 8).


Other “interesting” stuff

Do the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha know that their QUARTERLY magazine The Ivy Leaf cost more than 800,000 to produce in 2008?!  Yeah right!

800,000!  See page 24.

According to that same page (24), McKinzie’s compensation in 2007 was “supposed” to be $345,000 NOT $375,000

(oh, ok.)

AKA also has a “Housing Expense” of 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS for 2008.  What “house” and who in the hell lives in it?!  Does national headquarters have a mortgage or rent note of $225,000 monthly?! (pg. 10)

(Methinks McKinzie hasn’t (personally) paid a house note in quite some time.)

Alpha Kappa Alpha, you’re either the worst run organization on the face of the planet or you’re getting robbed blind…

…or both.

You decide.  Hey, Mo’Kelly isn’t making this up, it’s IN THE TAX RETURN Y’ALL FILED!

Don’t take Mo’Kelly’s word for it…Mo’Kelly’s all about documentation.  Click HERE.

(And before someone wishes to complain about Mo’Kelly revealing this information…this is available on a FREE site viewable by ANYONE in the general public.  Tax exempt organization’s financial documents are public domain.)

[Stay tuned…the new website is coming to you in 2010.  Set your browsers now.]

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