: ' Zachery Tims'

Riva Tims Reveals Truth Behind Zachery Tims’ Affairs (VIDEO)

It’s not that we didn’t know…we knew.  It’s just sad that still Zachery’s mother blocks the toxicology test results to keep us from knowing everything else “officially” what we already knew. The Mo’Kelly Report [...]

We Are and Continue to Be the Blame for Bishop Eddie Long

The tweets were likely fleeting in nature, consistent with how the multitude of us use Twitter to socially interact. Momentary thoughts, ephemeral emotions…140 character snapshots of one’s conscience. CNN commentator Roland Martin has come under fire [...]

Zachery Tims Toxicology Report Delayed…AGAIN

This just smells bad all the way around.  It’s been more than 7 weeks. ________________ The toxicology results that are to determine whether Florida minister Zachery Tims had drugs in his system at the moment of [...]

Zachery Tims – Drugs and a Stripper…Bad Way to Exit

Florida Megachurch pastor was found dead in a New York City hotel room. That is the “sad” part.  Of course you have all heard the news by now.  Mo’Kelly wanted to wait to see how this [...]