: ' Tom Joyner Morning Show'

Roland Martin Interviews Mo’Kelly on the Tom Joyner Morning Show (AUDIO)

Audio HERE! Mo’Kelly’s formal statement: I want to be absolutely clear about how and why we’ve come to this moment; why this has become a national story.  Here are some facts and some perspective.  When Tom Joyner blogged [...]

Roland Martin and Lenny McAllister Ready to Battle on The Mo’Kelly Show Saturday 7pm PDT

They have been chatting each other up all week. Saturday on The Mo’Kelly Show, the time for talk will be over and the two heavyweights will do battle for all America on the top issues in [...]

Controversy Brewing between Tom Joyner and Roland Martin?! (Mo’Kelly Report EXCLUSIVE)

Mo’Kelly’s Two Minute Warning – Tom Joyner is not ‘GLAAD’ with Roland Martin by Mr. Mo’Kelly Last Friday radio host Tom Joyner published an open letter to Roland Martin, admonishing him among other things to do [...]

Statement from Attorney Bobbie Edmonds on Steve Harvey Litigation

Counsel for Steve Harvey, Bobbie Edmonds was nice enough to email Mo’Kelly this morning with this information.  As always, Mo’Kelly is all about documentation.  Mo’Kelly appreciates the quick response from Ms. Edmonds. The Mo’Kelly Report is [...]

Mary Harvey Destroyed in Court by Steve Harvey

UPDATE:  Full Court Docs HERE! _________________________ Mo’Kelly wishes he saved all the emails in support of Mary Harvey he received.  They were all from women and said Mary did the “right” thing by publicly blasting her [...]

By Popular Demand: The Force is Strong in Steve Harvey (2007)

Readers requested a re-post of this Mo’Kelly Report Classic. DONE! 11.21.2007 Mo’Kelly personally likes Steve Harvey. Steve has never been anything other than kind, gracious and accommodating to Mo’Kelly over the years. And as a fellow [...]