: ' Sexual Harassment'

The Mo’Kelly Show – Facts about O’Reilly Departure * Science March Trivializes ‘Marches’ * Raul Midón In-Studio (AUDIO)

#BillOReilly #ScienceMarch #NorthKorea #KimJongUn #RachelDolezal #RaulMidon #BadAssAndBlind #DrWendyWalsh #SexualHarassment #RogerAiles #LisaBloom   HOUR ONE – Facts about O’Reilly downfall * Science March is silly * North Korea is nothing to worry about * The serious Rachel [...]

AME Exposed – First AME in DIRE Financial Straits (LA Times)

Mo’Kelly Told…You…So… First African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the oldest black congregations in Los Angeles, faces a financial crisis, owing roughly $300,000 to a long list of creditors, church officials said. Revelations of the money problems [...]

Tony Wafford Adds $235K to $60k Owed Sharon Song Byrd

In an exclusive heard here in The Mo’Kelly Report, former plaintiff Sharon Song Byrd detailed her allegations of sexual harassment and battery against former employer and Al Sharpton confidante, Tony Wafford. Originally Song Byrd was awarded [...]

AME Exposed – John Hunter Sexual Harassment Suit Settlement – 3 MILLION DOLLARS!

From the Los Angeles Wave… LORDY, LORDY — Remember how, in November 2009, the Rev. John J. Hunter, pastor of the powerful First AME Church, was sued by the Rev.Brenda Lamothe, one of the church’s associate ministers, who charged that [...]

Herman Cain’s ‘Pound of Hubris’ Instead of ‘Ounce of Humility’

(This was written by CNN/Fox commentator Lenny McAllister, friend, former guest and present supporter of The Mo’Kelly Report) _____________ A cautionary tale for Black conservatives: even if the allegations are not true (a big “if” to [...]

Big Daddy ‘Cain’ Celebrates Fourth Accuser with Double CD! (Photos)

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Sharon Song Byrd…in Her Own Words (Part Two)

Listen HERE! Here in part two of my two-part conversation with Sharon Song Byrd, we go in- depth as to the professional relationship between Tony Wafford and Rev. Al Sharpton and his recent public response penned [...]

Sharon Song Byrd – In Her Own Words (Part One)

Listen HERE! Sharon Song Byrd is still very much uncomfortable discussing the details behind what led up to her successful lawsuit against Tony Wafford of the National Action Network. In close to three hours of conversation, [...]

Coming Thursday 9am PDT – Sharon Song Byrd…in Her Words

Mo’Kelly sits for more than 3 hours with Sharon Song Byrd who has been in an open letter battle of late with Rev. Al Sharpton over Tony Wafford.  In an exclusive for The Mo’Kelly Report, Sharon [...]

Rev. Al Sharpton Responds to Sharon Song Byrd’s Open Letter

From EURWEB.com Dear Ms. Byrd (C/o Lee Bailey): I am in receipt of an open letter stating that it came from you. If in fact it did come from you let me say that this is the [...]