: ' Old Spice'

Yes, Another Creepy Commercial – Old Spice ‘Mom Song’ (VIDEO)

Creepy is the new Black.  At least the ad wasn’t released on Mothers Day.  Oedipus Rex anyone? [...]

Mo’Kelly Commercial Pick – Hornitos Tequila

This commercial is just so wrong and unsettling.  A little unbelievable given that these guys supposedly have known each other for ages…but funny nonetheless. Other Commercial Picks: Old Spice – Smell Like a Man Blue [...]

The Making of The Old Spice Commercials (VIDEO)

The Mo’Kelly Report is an entertainment journal with a political slant; published weekly at The Huffington Post and www.eurweb.com.  It [...]

Mo’Kelly Commercial Pick – Old Spice

OK, these commercials have grown on Mo’Kelly…odd and oddly humorous they are.  Somebody deserves a raise in the Old Spice ad department. Other Commercial Picks: Blue Shield and Jack in the Box Double [...]