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The Mo’Kelly Show – Mo’Kelly Sides with Donald Trump! (SAY WHAT?! – Not a Joke) * Anne-Marie Johnson Celebrates SAG-Aftra Ralph Morgan Award (AUDIO)

This show is going to make your head spin. Of that, I’m sure. You will hear something you like, something you love and something you hate. I guarantee it. But that’s why it’s “the coolest two [...]

EDITORIAL: True Patriotism Requires Supporting EVERY President

(Note: My citations are hyperlinked throughout the piece in bold. I show all of my work.) My chief criticisms of President Obama have been consistent and unwavering. The president made a partisan and ill-advised decision to [...]

Gov. Mitt Romney Slow Jams the News with Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

This just might be the best one Fallon has done.  Outstanding. [...]

Stacey Dash Attempts to Defend Stance on The View

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Stacey Dash Blogs About ‘Her Ordeal’ After Romney Defeat

The Votes are counted I’m relieved the carnival is over. A lyric from a song comes to mind. “Storm clouds gathering move along the dusty boulevard Outside the circus gathering Moved silently along rain swept boulevards. [...]

Regardless of Who Wins November 6, Americans Lose November 7 – Here’s Why

Beyond the campaign promises, even beyond the election, a healthy dose of reality is approaching. I would argue it is a bigger pill to swallow than in previous elections. This is much less about singing the [...]

How Do Republicans Feel About Mitt Romney? (VIDEO)

Let’s be clear. This election really has nothing to do with Mitt Romney. Republicans don’t support him and never have. They (the larger electorate) may not remember these remarks but I surely do.  But don’t take [...]