: ' Gabrielle Giffords'

GA Congressman Was Asked ‘Who is Going to Shoot Obama?’

Of COURSE a Southern congressman (Paul Broun R-GA) was asked this question.  Of COURSE the same southern Congressman did nothing to rebuke the question or its orator. How recently was Congresswoman Giffords shot? Words matter. Full [...]

From CNN: What if Jared Loughner Were a Muslim?

This is simply a beautiful editorial.  Could not have said it any better and it connects the dots between minority groups very nicely and properly contextualizes it within the significance of Arizona politics. __________________________ If you [...]

Tucson Tragedy Demands Public Discourse Recall

Slow down America. Slow down. There is no finish line awaiting the fastest to pass judgment. There is no prize for the swiftest rebuke of political figures supposedly not earnest or sincere enough in their apologies [...]

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews DESTROYS Tea Party Leadership (VIDEO)

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