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Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – Considerable FBI Involvement Confirmed

Mo’Kelly was sitting on this information for the past week or so…needed more independent corroboration. (But…now that I have it). I have confirmed through multiple sources that Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is in fact the [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – BREAKING NEWS: CFO ‘Suspended’ and ‘Escorted Out’

Spies for The Mo’Kelly Report are reporting that the Chief Financial Officer for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Eric Salstrand was “escorted” out of the building, by order of present Supreme Basileus Carolyn House Stewart who [...]

News of Criminal Girls Forensic Audit Hits Mainstream Media!

Once again, The Mo’Kelly Report was already way out in front of the story.  You can read about it after the fact in the news…or you can read about it in The Mo’Kelly Report. Just sayin’… [...]

Criminal Girls with 20 Pearls – McKinzie Former Boss/Crony Todd Stroger back in news

For those outside of Chicago, the Stroger name is probably an unfamiliar name.  For those inside the Windy City…his/their (John and son Todd are  often one degree of separation from major corruption. Coincidence? From the Chicago [...]