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Read the Vanessa Long Divorce Petition! (PDF)

For those of you saying that Vanessa has NOT actually filed paperwork…   Click HERE     The Mo’Kelly Report is a syndicated politics and entertainment journal.  Visit http://mrmokelly.com for the latest from Mr. Mo’Kelly.  Contact [...]

The Divorce is Back on?! Vanessa Long Changes Mind…Again

Yes, Mo’Kelly knew about this latest change of events yesterday.  But writing the same story three times in a day as Vanessa Long kept changing her mind was not all that appealing. So Mo’Kelly paused and [...]

Somebody Got to Her – Vanessa Long ‘Plans’ to Withdraw Divorce Petition!

Anybody who knows ANYTHING about a divorce knows that it takes weeks to appropriately draw up divorce papers, saying nothing of the millions of dollars of assets and child custody arrangements that must also be addressed. [...]

Bishop Eddie Long Wants Some Settlement Money Back

No surprise here…Bishop Eddie Long is seeking to get some of his original settlement money back due to 3 of the men speaking publicly to the media.  Besides, we all know Eddie needs the money. ____________ [...]

Bishop Eddie Long Agrees to ANOTHER TWO MILLION DOLLAR Settlement! (VIDEO)

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Happy Anniversary Bishop Eddie Long…I Think…

Bishop Eddie Long is “celebrating” one year since addressing the New Birth congregation regarding the “five rocks” that never ultimately left his pocket. To commemorate the event, Eddie has scheduled an “All-men” conference/revival/retreat/getaway at a plush [...]

New Birth ‘Quickly’ Removes Long Public Statement to ‘Move Forward’

In an instant, the statement posted by New Birth regarding Eddie Long and the two accusers planning to release a book is GONE. Just like that…posted, then gone. It seems that the added publicity surrounding the [...]

More Letters From Former New Birth Members and Readers

Mr. Mo’Kelly – Thank you for the New Birth updates, and for continuing to provide an avenue for current/former members etc. to share their opinions/observations with the rest of the world. I am a former New [...]

New Birth Members, Mo’Kelly Blames YOU Now

Mo’Kelly could have filled this editorial with all sorts of scripture, but it would have been a waste. The remaining New Birth members aren’t concerned with scripture, they’re only concerned with blindly following Bishop Eddie Long. [...]

Remaining New Birth Members Disregard 5th Accuser Centino Kemp Revelation (VIDEO)

On one hand, it makes sense.  If you believed Eddie Long after the first four, a fifth isn’t going to make any difference.  You simply are uninterested in any search for truth.  Another 75 could emerge [...]