: ' Def Jam'

Rick Ross Date Rape Story FINALLY Hits CNN

From CNN Hip-hop artist Rick Ross apologized –sort of — twice on Thursday for song lyrics that seem to allude to date rape, but many weren’t buying it. Ross has been taking heat since the song [...]

Two Minute Warning – Beastie Boys in Rock Hall of Fame (But Not Eric B. & Rakim)?! [AUDIO]

The Beastie Boys get into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame over Eric B. & Rakim and before Public Enemy… Really? Really?! (Press play, Mo’Kelly has somethin’ to say.)       The Mo’Kelly Report [...]

Russell Simmons – Start Telling the Truth

Eventually Russell Simmons will get around to telling the truth. It probably won’t be anytime soon, but there’s always hope, as slim as it might be. Simmons is by most accounts the ambassador and titular head [...]