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Wolf Blitzer Calls Donald Trump ‘Ridiculous’ in Interview (VIDEO)

This interview best encapsulates the ridiculous nature of Donald Trump. Every time he speaks publicly, he increasingly indicts any and all arguments that he is either sane or mildly intelligent; with the debate skills of a [...]

Rick Perry Confesses He is a Birther…(Present Tense)

In a new interview, Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry questions the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate. Really Rick…you couldn’t just go along for the sake of your presidential aspirations?  You had to go [...]

Washington Post Lays in to Dr. Cornel West with ‘Birther’ Comparison

To be clear, Mo’Kelly loves Dr. West…but to be also clear, it seems to be open season on him from many corners of the house of the Black Intelligentsia.  He’s grown, he can take it.  Mo’Kelly [...]