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The Mo’Kelly Show – James Comey Crushes GOP Dreams * Trump Effect * Jay-Z/Beyonce Controversies * CA Ballot Propositions (AUDIO)

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The Mo’Kelly Experience 5.6.16 – Beyonce and Caitlyn * John Sencio and the Fight Against Cancer * Goodbye Afeni Shakur (AUDIO)

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Special Grammy Edition of The Mo’Kelly Show (AUDIO)

What has become an annual tradition on The Mo’Kelly Show, we share special behind-the-scenes stories regarding artists, the Grammys and all the dirt not shared anywhere else! Before there was Kanye West acting a fool at [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show 5.17.14 – My Godzilla Review * Why Solange Went HAM * Alec Baldwin/Joe Francis Arrests (AUDIO)

Another day, another apology.  Seemingly every single day we seem to be demanding an apology of some public figure.  In this show I make the argument as to why the practice should stop. After that, Tawala [...]

Solange Attacks Jay-Z in Elevator While Beyonce Does NOTHING (VIDEO)

If your husband gets attacked by your sistere in an elevator and you do nothing…odds are you are siding with the attacker. Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show 4.6.14 – Pope Francis a Communist?! * Yahoo!’s Billy Johnson Jr. Talks Music Biz * Socks with Sandals (AUDIO)

How can someone living their creed like Pope Francis fall under attack for supposedly being a “communist?” I’ve got news for you. If you LIVE the gospel, you actually care about feeding the hungry, clothing the [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show 1.26.14 – Patti LaBelle Disses Today’s ‘Divas’ * Horror Stories of Music Business * Grammy Importance (AUDIO)

On this program we share some of the behind-the-scenes in the music industry.  From the reality of the Grammy Awards, from the voting to their financial impact; to even the ongoing debate of whether musicianship is [...]

Beyoncé Yanked Off Stage During Concert in Brazil (VIDEO)

Beyoncé was pulled from the stage during her performance. She suffered no injuries according to published reports. An aggressive fan attending Beyonce’s concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday put rational thought to the left as [...]