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EDITORIAL: Stop the Media’s Reckless Promotion of Violence in Ferguson

(Source material linked in bold) We’ve collectively missed the point, allowing the media to redirect the narrative surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown.  I know, I’m a member of said media so I’m at least partially [...]

The George Zimmerman Game Show/Sports Spectacular is Underway

And so the circus has finally come to town. After the unnecessary delays, excuses and endless motions, the George Zimmerman trial is finally here…to some degree. It’s only jury selection but it’s the first period of [...]

Riva Tims Reveals Truth Behind Zachery Tims’ Affairs (VIDEO)

It’s not that we didn’t know…we knew.  It’s just sad that still Zachery’s mother blocks the toxicology test results to keep us from knowing everything else “officially” what we already knew. The Mo’Kelly Report [...]

Heavy D. Cause of Death – Pulmonary Embolism

From The Hollywood Reporter:   Los Angeles coroner’s office released the full report of their autopsy on Tuesday morning, and chief Craig Harvey says the 44-year-old, whose real name was Dwight Arrington Myers, died of pulmonary [...]