Mo’Kelly on HLN’s “Across America with Carol Costello” Re: Kendrick Lamar and the N-Word (VIDEO)

It is a debate we’ve had for years, yet one I suggest need not ever be had. These distinctions without a difference as to when, how or who is okay to use the most hateful word [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – Treat School Shootings Like Terrorism * Criminalizing #LivingWhileBlack * Deadpool 2 Review (AUDIO)

(We apologize for the seemingly inappropriate nature of some of the prize giveaways in portions of the show. We were simply following instructions.) [...]

Mo’Kelly on CNN International RE: North Korea Summit Update and Mueller Investigation Anniversary (VIDEO)

In a seeming about-face, Kim Jong Un has pulled back on the proposed upcoming summit to be held in Singapore. Despite recent overtures of releasing hostages and dismantling of his main nuclear facility, the DPRK is [...]

Mo’Kelly on CNN International Re: Michael Cohen Access Payments (VIDEO)

#StormyDaniels scandal meets #mueller investigation thanks to #MichaelCohen w @MrMokelly @joemessina — john vause (@vausecnn) May 11, 2018 [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – The Rudy Giuliani Self-Immolation Tour * Bear Selfie Suicide * Comedian Mona Shaikh (AUDIO)

Rudy Giuliani Self Destructs…AGAIN! Listen to “When your lawyer has jumped the shark & bear selfies lead to death!” on Spreaker. “Shaikh It Off” with Mona Shaikh Listen to ““Shaikh It Off” with Comedian Mona Shaikh” [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – Beyond the Music with Naturally 7 (AUDIO)

A cappella “vocal play” singing sensation, Naturally 7 shared its rich musical history, its latest project “Both Sides Now” and even performed live in studio! This is a must-listen conversation for any serious music fan. [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – WHCD Fallout * ‘Cry Closet at U. of Utah * Avengers Rakes 250m (AUDIO)

Listen to “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Cry Closets & Sex Cults” on Spreaker. [...]

NerdCast #13 – Avengers: Infinity War! (Expletive Spoiler-Filled AUDIO)

Thomas Cunningham, Hannibal Tabu and Tawala Sharp (our usual contributors) join me for a profane and profoundly insightful, spoiler-filled discussion of the implications of Avengers: Infinity War. Buckle up! Listen to “NerdCast #13 – Avengers Infinity [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – Comey Interview * Novelist Eric Jerome Dickey In Studio (AUDIO)

Listen to “Comey’s 1st Interview, Starbucks New Boycottaccino & Eric Jerome Dickey” on Spreaker. [...]