The Mo’Kelly Show – Mending Minds with Music and Iconic Songwriter Franne Golde (AUDIO)

Learn more about Franne’s designs and work at [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show – The ‘Game Changer’ in Law Enforcement and Community Relations with Sean Sheppard (AUDIO)

WEBSITE: Game Changer events consist of moderated focus groups between civilian community members, law enforcement, members of the judicial system and elected officials for respectful, informative dialogue to address problems and devise solutions together. Once [...]

The Knights of the Nerd-O-Roundtable Hee-Larry-Us Weekly Roundup – (AUDIO)

If you haven’t discovered our DAILY weekday podast “Nerd-O-Rama” with Mo’ and Tawala, shame on you. Oh boy, have you been missing out. Each Friday the Knights of the Immortal Nerd-O-Roundtable get together and there’s no [...]