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Politicon, the Super Bowl of political punditry takes place this year right before the Midterm elections on October 21st and October 22nd as the Los Angeles Convention Center.

I will be moderating three significant panel discussions over the course of the weekend.  They should be lively, raucous at times and definitely insightful.

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Saturday: 2-3pm
“Opioid Epidemic!”

Panelists: Dr. Drew, Johann Hari, Chris Christie, Alison Grimes

Description: A silent killer has been lurking on our streets, robbing our fellow Americans of opportunity, and even their lives and loved ones. With fentanyl and other potentially lethal opiates from China, Mexico, Big Pharma and others washing over our communities, is a modern Opium War underway?

Saturday: 6-7pm
“How to Change the World”

Panelists: Cameron Kasky, Cliff Maloney, Ben Higgins, Alison Brettschneider

Description: When only 19% of millennials say that the boomer generation has left them a better world, it’s time for a change! And these cultural superstars are stepping up to the challenge–starring on television and the internet, exploring the world, and using their platforms to revolutionize activism and accomplish incredible things. Now they share how you can do it too.

Sunday: 1:30-2:30pm
“Life After Trump”

Panelists: Bakari Sellers, Toure, Jess McIntosh, Dr. Jason Johnson

Description: Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice. And many are now whispering that it will end with 45. How much has changed over the course of the Trump presidency and what will our politicians need to do to heal the damage done to our civic culture and political norms? Most important, what are the first steps?

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