Commentary Interviews Mo' On Radio News — 13 August 2017

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Due to the L.A. Chargers broadcast, The Mo’Kelly Show was preempted this evening, but have no fear…we still have your back. It gives us the opportunity to delve deeper and longer into certain topics, avoid commercials and even a little cussin’.

There are no punches pulled as we cover the aftermath in Charlottesville, the reality of marijuana smoke, a Cosby Files update and even the latest on the Disneyworld alligator incident. So much to discuss, and not pressed for time!

It’s a special online-only (and explicit) edition of The Mo’Kelly Show!

(Note: These special programs are labor intensive.  Please show your support by sharing across your social media!)

Listen to “The Mo’Kelly Show – Online Special 8.13.17” on Spreaker.


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