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RUSH LIMBAUGH will move from his longtime LOS ANGELES affiliate CLEAR CHANNEL Talk KFI-A to sister Talk KTLK-A on JANUARY 2nd, the stations announced TODAY (12/5).  LIMBAUGH’s show will be joined by PREMIERE NETWORKS’ SEAN HANNITY and GLENN BECK in the new KTLK lineup, which moves that station from its former “progressive talk” format to include conservative talk as “THE PATRIOT AM 1150.”

At KFI, which will now be live and local all week except for PREMIERE’s COAST TO COAST AM overnights, morning host BILL HANDEL will extend his show to 10a (PT), and BILL CARROLL will move from noon-3p to 10a-1p.  JOHN AND KEN will continue 3-7p, with TIM CONWAY JR. still 7-10p.

LIMBAUGH’s show will simulcast on KFI and KTLK for two weeks to give listeners the chance to get used to the move.  DIAL GLOBAL/WYD’s STEPHANIE MILLER and PREMIERE’s RANDI RHODES get displaced from the KTLK lineup, as does the local 9-noon “DIVERSE L.A.” talk block.  BECK, not presently heard on local L.A. radio but available in parts of the market from MIDWEST TV Talk KFMB-A/SAN DIEGO, GOLD COAST BROADCASTING Talk KVTA-A/OXNARD-VENTURA, and HIGH DESERT News-Talk KOSS-A/LANCASTER-PALMDALE, CA, will air 6-9a, with LIMBAUGH 9a-noon and HANNITY, moving over from CUMULUS Talk KABC-A, noon-3p.  Afternoons will be filled by a show to be named later.  Afternoon host DAVID CRUZ moves to SATURDAYS noon-2p.

“LOS ANGELES is one of the most dynamic radio markets in the U.S. and we want to present the best of Talk radio from across the spectrum,” said PD ROBIN BERTOLUCCI.  “These changes are designed to give our current and future programming a home where listeners can find and enjoy their favorite talk show hosts.”

Some of the current KTLK air talent will remain with the company.  PM drive host David Cruz will still talk local issues Saturdays from 12:00 to 2:00 pm on KTLK.  Cruz will also join the KFI news team, reporting local news for the station in addition to his weekend community show.  Mo’ Kelly adds another weekend edition of his program to the KFI weekend schedule.  His show will air on both Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  The move takes Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes and Bill Press off the schedule.




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  • Rose Marie McZeal

    I had just started enjoying talk radio, especially your show and Mario. I will NOT and Can Not listen to Rush, Hannity and Beck.

    • The Racists thought if they hired Blacks like Mo’ Kelly who sit on the fence and see which way the wind is blowing they could take down President Obama. Of course now that it hasn’t worked they want to blame those Liberal and Independent voices who didn’t go along with the Racist Marxist meme. This won’t work and the Racists will divest their Talk Radio holdings never to be picked up again. R.I.P Terrestrial Talk Radio. Next stop the Internet stations when the truth can be found. As the Racists at Clear Channel move to end Liberal Talk Radio in this Country its the perfect time to revisit my blog post explaining their convoluted thinking and from where it originates. Please RT on Twitter they still have me shut down for telling too much truth. RB vs. 5 WAYS TO SAVE LIB TALK RADIO

  • Christy

    What she said. And I live all the way in Georgia…. Love KTLK, but must move on.

  • I live in Brooklyn,NY and listen to ktlk on I Heart Radio. I love this station, especially everyone on Diverse La. Mo I’ll miss you most of all. Will have to listen to weekend shows on kfi.

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