Commentary — 23 July 2012

For more than three years I have covered the financial malfeasance, embezzlement and outright pillaging of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I have chronicled the efforts of 8 suspended members to be both reinstated and properly recognized each step of the way. When this story is finally recorded, you can best believe I will have a rightful place within it. I don’t say that for effect, fame or personal elevation.

I say it because it’s true.

If I can take credit for anything along the way, it’s pushing the story into the mainstream media. Through interviews with some of the principal participants and posting of the key documentation involved, I assisted in gaining the attention of both the IRS and the FBI in the investigation of the associated crimes.

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s instead start at the beginning and work our way to the present.

Before the mainstream media broke the initial news of the lawsuit and the infamous wax statue, I had long been reporting consistently (and many times with great comedic flair) as to the evolution of the initial lawsuit against the sorority; pushing mainstream media outlets to begin their coverage. Many lay individuals questioned my journalistic integrity and whether an “outsider” had any business publicly discussing the internal issues of the nation’s oldest

Sophia Nelson

African-American sorority; especially after my efforts led to national coverage by the media.

There were some members such as writer Sophia A. Nelson who attempted to fight fire with fire, using their own media platforms to both criticize me and the 8 plaintiffs.

We have been called “Criminal girls with 20 pearls,” “She say she say,” “AKA’s money gone funny,” “Sorority girls gone rogue” and worse. To be candid, it has been embarrassing for all of us to endure the negative publicity surrounding the lawsuit filed against our international president, Barbara A. McKenzie (sic), just one year after our centennial celebration in Washington, D.C., last July. And it has been downright heart wrenching to watch our sisters fight each other publicly with lawsuits and harsh indictments instead of finding a way to talk to one another directly and allowing our bylaws and internal oversight processes to deal with this matter privately.

As a sorority member, I can’t comment publicly on pending litigation. But as a loyal AKA, I want to set the record straight about the very meaningful legacy, enduring sisterhood and continuing relevance of Alpha Kappa Alpha despite this latest brouhaha”

Sophia A. Nelson for The Root – “Leave the AKAs Alone

Yes, Nelson’s “concern” was all about the negative publicity (her words) and had nothing to offer on of the allegations and the tremendous consequences of them being true.  The organization’s president being (then) accused of stealing millions of dollars was just the “latest brouhaha?”

No, it wasn’t.  It was unprecedented in all of recorded history.

And about that wanting to “set the record straight” statement Sophia…

In the intervening years, an independent audit has concluded that former Supreme Basileus (international president) Barbara A. McKinzie stole, diverted and misappropriated more than 2.1 million dollars of the sorority’s finances. Note, Nelson loved her sorority so much, she couldn’t even quite figure out how to correctly spell the accused and embattled president’s name.

Just one month prior to Nelson’s editorial, on the popular Ivy Vine listserv for Alpha Kappa Alpha, sorority member Daria Ibn-Thomas posted her ideas and thoughts on the matter. Ibn-Thomas, an attorney for the sorority and former board member with direct ties to McKinzie had this (and other insults) to say in an effort to glean “dirt” on myself and my family.

Mo’Kelly = Morris Will O’Kelly, he went by Will O’Kelly when he was at Georgetown. He graduated from high school (Torrance, CA) in ’87 or ’88 and should have graduated from Georgetown in ’91 or ’92.

My soror cousin/friends from Omicron Pi in the late 80s-early 90s are sleeping…so I am waiting for a reply. Hopefully with that information my super sleuth sorors on the Vine can track down his blood type, trace his DNA to a specific tribe on the African continent and tell me the chapters where his sister, mother,grandmother and aunties were made in Alpha Kappa Alpha.”

She went on to say (and mostly incorrectly) in a later posting…

I know that his mother and aunt are in Theta Alpha Omega, his grandmother is an Ivy Beyond the Wall.”

Beyond the other numerous and personal insults made by Ibn-Thomas on the Ivy Vine (which boasts an estimated tens of thousands of members and insults which I WON’T post here)  Ibn-Thomas (or Ibn-Tamas as certain, unrelated (ahem) court records name her…something about Mom murdering Dad…didn’t quite catch it all) and her intimations were clear. Not only were my family members allegedly advancing privileged sorority information to me but also they should be penalized and ostracized for doing so. The irony of her trying to out my family given her family history was not lost on me.

This, coming from an attorney for the sorority and former board member.  Keeping it classy, to be sure.

I could have gone “there” years ago, but didn’t.  Instead, I will opt to just link there and leave it to the rest of you to form your own opinions on the irony.

Hopefully in the future, people will understand that involving my family is in no way cool.


Keep my family out of it and I will afford you the same.

Ibn-Thomas (Ibn-Tamas according to the aforementioned court documents) had no problem trying to turn the sorority against my family, citing them by name and chapter. I won’t do that, but a hyperlink to a public document is by all means a fair response.

My coverage of the sorority’s financial issues were EXPLICITLY used as a justification to NOT elect my sister as president of chapter Theta Alpha Omega and encouraged by the likes of Ibn-Thomas/Tamas. My employer at the time was contacted repeatedly by members of the sorority in direct connection to the national office as a form of leverage against me to stop my work. WordPress was contacted by the sorority in an attempt to have my blog shut down or have all associated posts removed….to no avail.

Certain members of the sorority in direct connection to the national office went to great lengths to stop me. The key point in all of this is that I was never sued. I have NEVER been sued in regard to any of my investigative journalism.

It hasn’t been blind luck, it’s been due to my commitment to fact-checking, corroboration and documentation prior to posting information. The goal has always been to be accurate, not to be “first” or “salacious” in nature. I’ve never posted rumors about anyone’s love life, sexuality or other supposedly defamatory information in regard to Barbara A. McKinzie…even it were both true and I had sufficient corroboration.

And yes, I had it.

I have always stuck to the facts and the evidence through documentation. I have troves of information that I never reported yet legally could have, serving only to embarrass McKinzie and the organization for all reasons unrelated to the financial issues.  But this was and will always be about the issues. McKinzie and her associates made it personal.

Very personal…and it was not forgotten.

Unfortunately, those in opposition to my work (and there are many) were more concerned with stopping “Mo’Kelly” and not stopping the theft of more than 2.1 million dollars from the sorority. More were concerned with keeping “Mo’Kelly” out of the loop, instead of putting Barbara McKinzie out of the sorority. More were concerned with saving face in a media sense, instead of saving the organization and preserving its 501C3 status in a reality sense. Now that we are closer to the end of this story, I thought it would be prudent to highlight the hypocrisy, the misguided priorities.

I politely and respectfully emailed Sophia A. Nelson, who was so effusive in her love for her sorority and adamant in her critique of my work and the plaintiffs in an editorial for The Root. I wanted to see if she had any public statement to make now, in light of Barbara McKinzie (note the correct spelling) being suspended from the organization. The first president in the 100+ year history of Black Greek letter organizations (BGLOs) to lose all rights and privileges as a member; is now unable to attend any sanctioned sorority gathering or legally wear any of its paraphernalia.  One criminal girl just lost her 20 pearls.

Remember, it was Sophia who said…

“As a sorority member, I can’t comment publicly on pending litigation. But as a loyal AKA, I want to set the record straight about the very meaningful legacy, enduring sisterhood and continuing relevance of Alpha Kappa Alpha despite this latest brouhaha.”

So of course since Mo’Kelly wasn’t now asking about any pending litigation and Nelson is all about setting the record straight (her words), she should jump at the chance to again go on the record as a member of the media, right?

"Please do not email me again...Love, Sophie."

Let’s see if Mo’Kelly has this right. Instead of constructive dialogue or offering the professional courtesy of an actual reply to a fellow media professional for her rebuke; she gave Mo’Kelly the editorial equivalent of the middle finger…again, three years later.  If Sophia could take the time to type “please do not email me” as opposed to ignoring the request altogether and blocking my email, she can surely type her acknowledgment of how wrong she was in her PUBLIC critique.

You got it wrong Sophia A. Nelson. Barbara A. McKinzie is likely going to jail for stealing 2.1 million dollars. Where is your editorial now Sophie?  Where does this rank in the legacy of the organization?

Instead of opting for a more private dialogue, Nelson in turn left me no choice but to go “Mo’Kelly” in the form of a very public monologue. Not emailing her anymore might have been what she requested…but she’s finding out right about now, it’s not what she really wanted. The dismissive response only led to a worse alternative; starring in The Mo’Kelly Report, meta-tagged and internet indexed for all eternity. Forever now, she is inextricably linked to Mo’Kelly with any search on her name.

Well done should have chosen the email route.  Hope it was worth it.

But I digress…

The reality in 2012 is that the IRS and FBI are conducting simultaneous and likely connected investigations into the theft and misappropriation of more than 2.1 million dollars from the sorority. The suspension of Barbara A. McKinzie by the sorority, though unprecedented is only the first shoe to drop and a calculated move to present the sorority as not being complicit in the theft. The original 8 plaintiffs against the sorority will likely win their lawsuit on the heels of the independent audit, the federal investigations and suspension of McKinzie. The financial implications could very well mean bankruptcy for the sorority due to fines, restitution and legal fees. And financial obstacles aside, given the depths of the fraudulent tax returns, the 501c3 status of the organization is by definition in jeopardy.

You can stop me any time I mention anything untrue Sophie.

That’s saying nothing of the likely indictments and criminal charges looming on the horizon. You don’t get to steal more than 2.1 million dollars, trigger the investigations of the Illinois Attorney General, IRS and FBI and there be no consequences. Words like “racketeering,” and “prison” come to mind. These are not impartial entities, they are advocates for the state and federal government. They don’t become involved to exonerate but instead to solidify a case before prosecution.

Remember, stop me anytime I venture into the realm of untrue or inaccurate Sophie.

There are those out there who will never see the point of my work or the need to expose Barbara McKinzie. They are those who would have rather continued paying their sorority dues while McKinzie brazenly diverted them, than see their beloved sorority in the newspaper for it. There are those, ironically enough who are of the mind that the IRS and FBI investigations are in fact “Mo’Kelly’s fault” and I am the reason for all this upheaval in the sorority.

Yes, blame the whistleblower, not the thief. I am a big boy and I can take it. I knew what I was signing up for and it wasn’t to become popular. I signed up to tell the truth. As long as I am on the right side of history (which CLEARLY I am) the truth is the only payment I need.

In other words…





Now that I have been validated, verified and vindicated, here is some more truth for Sophie and anyone else who falls in the aforementioned groups of people who have/had a negative taste in their mouths.

The truth is, you naysayers owe Mo’Kelly an apology. Whether I get it is irrelevant. I’ve earned it, you owe it and that’s all that matters. The independent audit confirms as much. The pending results of the IRS and FBI investigations cement as much.

Women like Sophie owe Mo’Kelly an apology. Women like Daria Ibn-Thomas /Ibn-Tamas owe my mother, sister, great-aunt and late grandmother (her sorority sisters) a PUBLIC apology. Your insults to my family were public, and made available to tens of thousands of people.  Your apology should be the same.

Women of Theta Alpha Omega chapter, you too owe them an apology.

Yes, you Theta Alpha Omega.

Whether or not you give it to them on the other hand is highly relevant. In the way that you stood up for your non-blood-related sorority sisters, I’m more than within my right to stand up for my blood-related family, though UNrelated to these issues. Alpha Kappa Alpha collectively mistreated the 8 plaintiffs and my family, all of whom are your sisters and none of whom stole 2.1 million dollars from you and allegedly kept an account of it on a second set of books.

We’ve learned that it’s easy to pen editorials gushing about the wonderful historical legacy of an organization. We’ve learned it’s also easy to disrespect and disregard your fellow sorors and not recognize the contradiction. But evidently, we learned it’s also very difficult for some to swallow being called out for not conducting themselves in a way consistent with all you celebrate. I get it. The truth may set you free but it can be awfully unpleasant to stomach at times too. I get it, I do.

It’s ok Sophie, I know your apology is not forthcoming. The IRS, FBI and Illinois Attorney General will say volumes more than any apology from you or Daria Ibn-Thomas (Ibn-Tamas) ever will. And I will respect Sophie’s wishes and NEVER email her again.

But I will tweet this editorial, post it to Facebook, share it on every social network in which I participate as a reminder of how much I appreciated her return email. Her friends will surely email this to her as well. Stay classy Sophie.







Enjoy your Boulé and long live Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

…and long live The Mo’Kelly Report.


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  • notyouraverageaka

    Mr. Mo Kelly:

    You took it to Ms. Sophie and cut her a brand new space to eliminate waste. My hat is off to you and thank you for staying on the case. AKA owes you a sincere debt of gratitude but they will never acknowledge that. So let’s just wait for the OFFICIAL authorities to take it to the next level and celebrate with champagne the minute it hits the fan.

  • Central Tegion AKA

    {{HUG}} Mr. Mo’Kelly we just adore you!! I told you before we need you. The honesty and integrity shown on this blog is truly professional and greatly appreciated. We understand that you have other proessional endeavors that require you attention, but its nice to know you’re not too far away. muuaaaahhh!!!

  • Another AKA

    A quick stop in the “realm of untrue” — Alpha Kappa Alpha is not an IRS 501(c)(3) organization. It’s a non-profit but not charitable org under 501(c)(3) of the tax code …


      The Educational Advancement Foundation, a principle arm of the organization is a 501c3. Whereas technically “AKA” may not be one, you can’t separate the organization from its Foundation, which is included in its tax reporting; especially when an audit is involved. Respectfully, it’s distinction without a difference. The Foundation, the organization and chapters are all exchanging money under the banner of AKA.

      But if you’d like me to change it to say that the Foundation stands to lose ITS 501c3 status AND the organization lose its non-profit status, I can do that. But it only sounds worse.

  • Es Bee

    I LOVE your style, Mo. God knows I do. THIS right here is why you’re my fave blogger. As a member of a sorority, I understand why the members of AKA wanted the situation to be kept quiet. And that’s cool. I wouldn’t want my organization, or its leadership, put on blast either. But the purpose of wanting it to be on the hush should have been so they could quietly HANDLE the matter, which they didn’t do. And the treatment of your family was not called for at all. I have kicked butt for far less, as it pertains to my family. Hat tip, for being a gentleman and showing a tremendous amount of temperence, Mo.

    • Thank you Es Bee for recognizing the restraint I showed. I waited at least two years to write that piece, and patience was difficult. Also thank Sophia Nelson, she gave me the added umph to make it all the better.

    • Nadia

      I think it’s improper to say that the Sorority was doing nothing to handle this problem. It has been a known problem that they’ve methodically been dealing with (albeit slowly) since the first accusations were made.

  • akaton

    Mo, thanks for your support. I truly donot understand why SOME, I repeat SOME of my sorors are saying that you and the WI8 have brought embarrassment to our organization. The emabarrasment comes from the fact college, educated females are refusing to handle business. Instead of facing this problem we feel it is better to put the blame on others instead of facing the real problem.( I hate that your family, my SORORs were sought out) I am a very active Soror and it puzzles me why….We all Know we are being taken to the cleaners, however we continue to pull out our cute little pink and green check books and write checks to support others pockets. I truly support this cause as I support my BELOVED Sorority that I joined 20 years ago. However, when will we handle business????Hopefully this WEEK!

  • notyouraverageaka

    Hey Another AKA–GET SOMEWHERE AND SIT DOWN!!!! YOU STILL DON’T GET IT!! Spending time splitting hairs is why it has taken so long to get to the point of removing the cancer (Barbara McKinzie) from our organization. It is my sincere hope that everything about her time in AKA will be stricken from our history book and her name never be mentioned again in the same sentence with AKA. Mo Kelly you are so patient and accommodating to take the time to address this bit of trivia. God Bless You.

    • Thank you Notyouraverageaka…

      You recognize the obvious, the person stepped over the all the seriousness of the issues to argue minutia. That is in my estimation how it even got to this point. I can’t stress enough how serious this situation is. Maybe when it is too late it will finally hit home.

      At the risk of being hyperbolic…has anyone considered that there may not be a Boule in 2014…

      But if people like, we can debate minutia in my piece. Today is my day off, why not.

  • Still Weeping


    I just want to thank you for all you did to bring this issue to light. I found some of your humor around it refreshing, though we can all agree it is a SERIOUS matter. I have followed your reporting on this story for the past three years, and got actively involved in the fight to bring justice. I am sorry that you and your family were targeted and attacked by those who would call themselves ‘sisters’, and appreciate that even through all of that, you continue to do what is right. I commend you, and admire and respect you and your courage. I too paid a “price” for my public rants and commentary on this issue, if you call it that but won’t go into it because at the end of the day, it was worth it.

    They say what is done in the dark..will at some point…come to light. Thank you for helping to shine that light…and for helping to uncover the financial, ethical, criminal and moral malfeasance within my beloved sorority. I know all of the FOTWI are forever indebted to you. May GOD bless you and yours always.

  • Whydoucare

    I’m just curious, why do you care so much about AKA business?

    • It is a tremendous story. If the FBI and IRS don’t convey that message…then I don’t know what to say. I have shown the same “care” for my coverage of Zeta Phi Beta, AME Church, Eddie Long…the same care, no more no less. The only difference is that the leadership of AKA tried to come at me in a personal manner.

      If you google me and any of the aforementioned subjects you will find the same level and type of reporting and dedication. You have wrongly assumed that this is somehow different for me.

      The only way it’s different is in the magnitude of what is about to happen. I hope that best answers your question.

    • Ditto

      Ditto. I’m also interested. Mo’Kelley is reporting this in a far more personal manner than the other outlets he mentioned. Reporters, in fact,expect to be attacked when they expose people and organizations. Their retaliation comes in the form of vindication when their story is proven to be true; it’s enough. Professional reporters don’t attack their detractors personally. If his family are active members of an organization he’s “investigating,” then he should have understood from the start that they would incur some backlash from his “investigative reporting” and taken that into account, weighing the pros and cons, talking to them about how they felt, and making an informed decision to push this story in spite of the inevitable consequences. If he didn’t, in fact, get their input and they’ve felt persecuted due to his reporting, then HE OWES THEM AN APOLOGY. Life in the big city, Mo’Kelley. Get used to it or get back.

      • Nope, I don’t owe them an apology…my information is factually accurate. “Ditto,” you use the term “professional reporters” and aren’t even aware what that is…

        “Professional” means to be paid. They get paid at TMZ and National Enquirer. Are you saying they don’t offer slanted pieces?

        You make the assumption that journalists aren’t supposed to have a viewpoint. That’s only true if it is a news piece, not an OP/Ed…which is opinion/editorial. I happened to support my opinions with a slew of facts, but it isn’t a news report.

        I would go further but you clearly aren’t even up on the specifics of journalism, investigative or otherwise. If you actually read my piece you’d know that I’ve yet to “get back” and have no intentions of getting back.

        Meaning, you won’t be the one to make a dent in what I do.

        So you can stop with what I should or should not have done. I don’t mind being attacked…but attacking “me” is not the same as attacking my family members.

        Re-read…try again.

        So glad you stopped by.

        • (Comment Deleted)

          Ms. Graham or Charlene whichever,… you are welcome to share your opinion here, but not your insults.

          Thus, your comment was removed. As long as I pay the bills around here, this is not a forum for you to post your insults. I constructed these walls, I get to say what is written on them. You are free to start your own blog, create your own graffiti wall and insult me to your heart’s content. But it won’t be here. Please refer to the rules of the site, under the MKR Penal Code.

          The difference between me and all of my detractors, (note I said ALL) is that I sign my name and put my picture next to everything I write. I can validate EVERYTHING I write. If and when you can demonstrate ANY expertise in the field of journalism, then and only then might I humor your opinions on the caliber of my work. Not all opinions are created equal. Some are more informed than others. Some are misinformed and others altogether uninformed. And not only that, some simply aren’t allowed here. This is not a democracy. You decided not to discuss the merit of the issues and can not debunk the authenticity of my research, meaning…you have nothing substantive to add to the discussion. When that changes…come on back.

          Until that time…

          Have a good one.

          Con mucho amor,

          “The Management”


          Trying to comment as “yourself” and then coming back as “Ditto” doesn’t make your point twice, or appear that two people are commenting. Please stop overestimating your anonymity. Like I said, I’m pretty good at what I do and know the tricks. You failed.

          Enjoy your day in Sacramento.

  • If BAM were the president of any other organization… Oh, say, the NAACP, the WGA, or the NAR, this would be a non-issue. Embezzlement. Pilfering organizational funds. 2.1 million. 2.1 MILLION. No pun intended, but this really is a SERIOUS MATTER. Why do the members think BAM brings shame on AKA? As a non-member, it is very clear to me that BAM brings shame on BAM. Subsequently, AKA will bring shame on AKA by not examining the evidence, exposing the truth, and exorcising the root of the problem. Take a lesson from PENN State. No one person, especially a person engaged in alleged illegal activity, should become bigger than the organization. No ‘saving face’ bigger than righting the wrongs done.

    As for the very mob-esque calling out of your family members, Mo… ummm… I have no words for that. However, trife and unprofessional are two that hover at the forefront of my brain.

    • Evidently Yvette, we as African-Americans don’t seem to get it. We allow Eddie Long to remain in the pulpit but are outraged at Penn State.

      There are just some things we allow to continue because we’d rather be comfortable than deal with the MAJOR crimes. I laugh out loud at ANYONE angry at me for helping prove their organization’s president stole MORE than 2.1 million dollars.

      If it weren’t true…be angry all you like and it would be justified.

      But when it’s true? I laugh out loud at the criticism.

      Every argument ends with one single statement.

      “But she stole 2.1 million dollars (and probably more).”

      There are IRS agents/auditors in their meetings, RIGHT NOW…monitoring the proceedings. And some are worried about me. They still don’t get it.

  • STILL Weeping


    I’m assuming you are not a member of AKA…because I’d counter with ‘why don’t YOU care?’. I don’t know why folks are acting like Mo did something wrong by EXPOSING wrong. The truth is if the leadership had done the right thing from the BEGINNING, we would not be where we are now and have what we have. This started back with Soror Linda Marie White who tried unsuccessfully to stop McKinzie from raping and pillaging our sorority. Had those we elected and entrusted to lead us put AKA FIRST and practiced the duties of board members (duty of loyalty, care, etc.), we coulda saved face, $2 million and tons in legal fees.

    I am sorry but criminals do not get passes just because they are decked out in pink and green finery and pearls. If Mo ever gave a red cent to any AKA fundraiser, that makes him a public supporter of the organization and thus us accountable to him and other donors who have given money to our tax-exempt foundations in good faith that we would take such monies and support just and fair charitable causes. I’m sure no one donated or sponsored any of our activities so we could fund BAM’s personal lifestyle. Private inurement comes to mind which is why the IRS is still around auditing our returns and will likely levy so many penalties against us, including revocation of our tax-exempt status (EAF), that we will become a sad footnote in black history.

  • Jetta

    Mo, there is nothing more to be said. Bravo.

  • Lynn

    Thanks, Mo! I took a leave of absence following the scandal and really would like to see that boar arrested.

  • Go Mo!

    Sophia Nelson says she defended AKA not BAM, and you know it, Mo. Uh, I read her 2009 remarks in their entirety, and it was clearly apologetics at work. Initially, the focus was solely on BAM, not the sorority as a whole. Criticim of AKA did not start until it became clear that BAM was ALLOWED to run amok by people in high places, totally disrespecting sorors who questioned anything by suspending them, including a 92 year old former SB!

    I do not care for Ms. Nelson’s politics and her Black Woman Redefined is trite. She was not and is not a match for you you, Mo. People do not discuss the issues intelligently when they do not have an argument to stand on.

    • I gave her TWO opportunities, (two different emails) in which I both respectfully asked for a quote and also indicated that although she said “please do not email me” I let her know IN ADVANCE that I would be including her email. Nothing was done without her PRIOR knowledge.

      She simply underestimated my reach.

      And after dismissing both my requests, she took to twitter to FIRST say she had no comment, then she said I pulled a stunt tweeting me directly. She couldn’t respond appropriately to my email but she found it important enough to tweet me and STILL not answer my original query.

      Sophia Nelson was given three different opportunities to address the issue (as she did in 2009). She instead chose to refuse acknowledgment or spin the discussion into her thoughts on me as a person.

      I talk about the issues, she talks about me. She said I was inaccurate but couldn’t articulate anything specific in which I was actually inaccurate. But I am clear her email and twitter accounts work just fine.

      That is why I link to the actual article. That is why I posted the actual email exchange. I don’t rely on perception, I rely on the facts of what she said and her being given the chance to respond. THAT is why I posted the picture of the email and not just quoted it.

      She has since tweeted that she “thinks” it is libelous to post a “private” email and email address.

      It is neither libelous nor impermissible. My email is for me to do with as I see fit. I didn’t hack her account, she emailed me back. It is then mine. Also libel is printing something knowingly false for the purpose of injuring or defaming. THAT too is why I used the photo. It’s factual and true, nothing left to interpretation in a photo.

      Her feelings are hurt. But feelings don’t measure up to facts.

      • Here is my SECOND email to her…PRIOR to writing the piece. If need be I will post a photo.

        I respectfully asked you a question, asking for a quote. Mind you, you referred to MY work on the subject in your editorial, I didn’t refer to you.

        In this, the media it’s called professional courtesy. You may choose to ignore me, but I will surely not ignore you. But (beyond this email) I will respect your wishes, but you can best be sure my public response to your email (AND your email) will be featured on The Mo’Kelly Report.

        It is cowardice to try to call me out and then have nothing to say when proven wrong. I gave you the respect of the opportunity for a response. You have in turn wasted it.

        I will give you exactly what you asked for…but it’s probably not what you want.




        Her response to that email?

        I respectfully asked you not to email me again. Thanks for the 2nd time.



        Now she says I pulled a stunt? She is LYING…

  • Go Mo!

    Check out the AKA 2012 Boule Facebook page. All about painting the town pink and green, ZUMBA classes, shopping, and skee-weeing each other. Only a few sorors have posted to remind the sisterhood that this boule truly is a serious matter and the focus should not be so much on fun and superficiality. If AKA really understood what is at stake, all frivolity would have been cancelled to concentrate on the major effort facing the sisterhood to make sure that nothing like this disaster ever happens again. It looks like AKA is bent on proving that BGLOs are indeed irrelevant and full of status-seeking elitists who do not care how corrupt the organization is as long as they can be among the ranks of Black society. Mo, you have done the best you could to help the blind remove the scales from their eyes and realize that the org is corrupt from the top down and must be purged or it will cease to exist. This is not alarmism, as anyone who has read all the docs on the FOTWI site knows. It does not matter what AKA has done the past 100 years, it won’t save us from destruction due to greed and inaction on the part of sorors who refuse to take their heads out of the sand. I am ashamed of most sorors, with the exception of the WI8 and supporters, and Julia Purnell. Thanks again Mo, for standing with us, being a true friend of AKA, unlike those within our midst who would see us operate with no integrity and go down in flames. We will see.

    • Which is irrelevant to the discussion at hand. #byebye

  • Lynn

    Looks like people have a problem with the truth, Mo! I was not aware that BAM had suspended a S.B.

    That is a very, very sick woman. I saw her up close and personal at a meeting. Mean as the devil.

  • Akadiva73

    Mr. Kelly,
    I first give you props on a superbly written article. As a member of the sorority, it has long disturbed me that this issue was being swept under the rug. While I hated that our dirty laundry was being aired publicly, I knew that shedding light on the problem would help to bring resolution. I feel so bad that your family members were dragged into this, but I can say that you did an excellent job of “shaking the haters off of you”. I love my sorority and hope she can overcome this travesty. I know it is a lot to ask, but I ask that you pray for us as there far more of us who stand on the precepts and ideas in which we were founded than those who are misguided into breaking the law.

    I wish you continued success!

    BTW, I agree….I’m sure Ms. Nelson wishes she had simply replied to your email lol!

    • Thank you AkaDiva,

      Of course I remain both hopeful and prayerful for AKA to pull through this. I think you understand and many others understand that if it were my goal to wreck AKA, the organization itself, it could have been very easy to do when it was/is at its most vulnerable point.

      Much of the information I held back was as I indicated, out of bounds and even out of line. There is so much that never saw the daylight because it would only serve to humiliate for reasons unconnected to ridding the organization of the thievery.

      Again, thank you for the kind words. And as for Ms. Nelson, that was the whole point. It would have been easier and simpler to return the courtesy. I hadn’t (yet) done anything to her and never mentioned her publicly before now. Her email would have made plenty sense after the fact…not before.

      It wasn’t an unreasonable request on my part, but I guess she felt she had the power because I was requesting something of her. Who tells someone “please don’t email me”?

      Who does that in response to a polite email?

      And even still, you block them and keep it pushin’ if it’s all about “not being bothered.” But instead she wanted to send a particular message with the type of response she sent…both times. She sent her message.

      I sent mine.

  • thegirlzwith5pearlz

    Well, well, well. The org that had so much to say during our ordeal in ’08. At least we took care of our business internally. Why do you all think you would be exempt from a Mo’Kelly report? He has covered all sororities business in the last four years.

    I hope this humbles your org, your not BETTER than everybody else.

  • Sorrowful Soror

    K Maria Boyd, AKA lies like a rug. I am ashamed of the spineless leadership and the sheep-like body who seems to be under some type of mass psychosis. My para is gone, and so is my love for AKA because this is NOT the AKA I joined 35 years ago. Wake up, everybody. I wonder how the directorate and CHS intend to spin the indictments and convictions that are sure to come. Shame, shame, shame.

    • I deleted her comment. She will not bring my family into this on any level and she will not be allowed to use my site as a means in which to do it.

  • Texas Soror

    From what I have read from the plethora of information that has been written about this issue – bam should have been ousted a long time ago – even when she was ED for allegedly misappropriating $4,000. Per court docs on the FOWI site, she was also on suspension herself and filed a suit against the organization when she was placed on suspension during her time as 1st VP for allegedly making vendors pay her kickbacks when she was national treasurer. She seems to have been able to allegedly bully and fake her way through the ranks – in my opinion, the organization should not have backed down when she was in trouble for the alleged vendor shakedowns because there was proof – cancelled checks – that she did this! She is the worst example of a “leader” I have seen in my years in the sorority. The main thing we can do is pray to get our sorority back to where it should be, and pray justice for the Sorors who put themselves on the line for the truth to be revealed and for the wrong that has occurred to be rectified.

  • Texas Soror

    Just to add from comment above – This is what happens when things are not brought to the body, and members are not aware of what is going on. If we had known about the former alleged transgressions and known about the suspension that occurred in 2005 or 2006, somehow, the way should/would have been made for her NOT to become the next president, and we would not be in this doggone position!

    • We disagree. And my reputation is just fine. Google will help you out if you need assistance. I encourage you to google “AKA lawsuit” and then google “Mo’Kelly lawsuit.” Come back and tell me see whose reputation is healthier.

    • Um…already addressed that in a previous comment. And by the way, the IRS would disagree with you, since the money is commingled.

      And anyone who uses “pimpin'” in an argument betrays that same argument. If you have reviewed my work, then you already know I keep my own counsel…but thanks for the unsolicited recommendations nonetheless.

      Nice of you to try to equate the tax code to a misspelling. Thanks for the false equivalence.

      As for “introducing an unrelated family tragedy”…you’re entitled to your opinion, even when it is wrong.

      To borrow some of your vernacular…

      “I got this…playa.”

  • Sorrowful Soror

    Charlene Murchison Graham, it is wrongheaded of you to attack Mo in some ill-directed attempt to defend Sophia Nelson and AKA. It is because of sorors like you that this mess has gone on for YEARS! Have you read any of the documents on the FOTWI site? Well, I have read them all and unless you are deluded, the theft, hypocrisy, and mismanagement is as plain as day. How can you profess any love for our sisterhood and not vigorously defend it against the enemy within instead of vilifying Mo Kelly, who has been our friend? Ibn-Tamas was wrong to ever bring Mo Kelly’s family into any of this, and she got what she deserved, and she drew first blood. Sophia is not being classy, she is being stupid by not responding to Mo in an intelligent fashion. If our current situation can be characterized as brouhaha,then so can the sinking of the Titanic because we are going down. Brouhaha-NO. Disaster-YES. I was almost ashamed of AKA’s response to the two pledges who drowned, but this is the first real shame I have felt in 35 years. Wake up and stop drinking that AKA kool-aid. AKA is under mass psychosis right now, because the body just does not understand how serious this is. I don’t consider members like you my sorors.

    • Opinion is just that

      We disagree…and we agree.

      • The only problem with you “disagreeing” Ms. Graham is that your opinion isn’t backed up by documentation and an IRS/FBI investigation. You can try to argue my methods, but not my facts and results.

        My work had C. Michael Greene removed as head of the Grammys for his theft from the organization. This isn’t my first rodeo. And although it pre-dates the internet, worked WITH the FBI on that one. I kinda know what I’m doing and am pretty good at it. That’s why it works.

  • Sorrowful Soror

    Mo Kelly has integrity, and AKA has NONE.

  • Sorrowful Soror

    To all those critical of Mo for revealing an “unrelated family tragedy”, it was no more unrelated than the witch hunt and retaliatory actions against his AKA family members, who have written nothing on his blog. If Ibn-Tamas cannot stand the heat, she should get out of the kitchen. She should have never played dirty and the sorors should not have allowed her to. Her energy would have been better spent on supporting the WI8 and demanding accountability from the SB and the directorate. Talk about kill the messenger! Mo didn’t steal from AKA, and isn’t under IRS and FBI investigation, BAM is and AKA refuses to deal with it in any official capacity. I don’t care if it is in a private or public forum, right is right. At least the information on Ibn-Tamas is public record as opposed to the speculation and slander on the ivy-vine. AKA will get no more money from me to embezzle, I intend to do service to glorify Jesus, not AKA, because it is proving itself not worthy. Not just BAM, but the cover up and apathy of the body reflect poorly on the entire org. I’m done, there is no helping folks who don’t want help. I have been mad as he@# for some time now, and I am tired of it all. Thanks Mo, this soror appreciates everything you have done to bring what was done in the dark into the light.

  • Sorrowful Soror

    The alleged suspension of BAM is too little too late. It would mean nothing without reinstating the WI8 anyway.

  • Kay

    There is not official word that Soror McKinzie has been suspended, but she was not at Boule.

    • Respectfully Kay,

      There’s been no “official word” that 2 million dollars has been stolen and misappropriated either. There has been no official word that the organization is in the midst of an IRS investigation. But despite the reticence of the organization to offer “official word” I can confirm everything I’ve listed is both true and factual. The sorority hasn’t officially acknowledged either the results of the forensic audit or McKinzie’s status.

      But if you think Barbara McKinzie would willingly stay away from the Boule and without a voice in it as the immediate past Supreme Basileus, then I think you have overestimated your faith in your organization’s commitment to keep you informed.

      • Sheila

        It was announced she was not “unlawfully” suspended by Supreme Basileus. When means she was suspended. It will be interested to see if her name will appear on website list of suspended sorors.

        • SadSororsinFL

          President and Treasure in Florida, still no mention of anything regarding of Barbara McKinzie or Dangerfield. They are acting like nothing is going in headquarters. Creo que no!!!

  • AEscalante

    What is the latest? When is court date? Heard officers had meeting at Orlando Resort last month. No official word from sorority about anything.

    • Not doing any investigative work right now. Devoting my time to other projects and subjects right now. If something should break I of course will post it.

  • Creole

    Thanks for your investigative work/opinion, however, I would have appreciated the option to read more balanced views in the comments section (though you do have the power to delete). Your removal of opposing comments gives the impression of overall support and paints an implausable picture and detracts from ALL that research you have done. Makes the work not very trustworthy.

    • I did not remove “dissenting opinons” I removed those with personal insults. Big difference. I don’t mind criticism, but I don’t tolerate personal attacks unrelated to the issues.

    • Also…it does not matter whether one doesn’t “trust” my work. The documentation speaks for itself and is inarguable. Let’s not equate facts and documentation with “opinion.” If you don’t trust THREE different and independent audits then that suggests a failing on the part of the reader…not me. If someone can either debunk or refute my FACTS…they are free to do so regarding this issue. It NEVER has happened. Anyone can “dissent” but only I have validated my point with documentation, facts and audits.

      Not all dissent is created equal and not everything is subject to interpretation or subjective in nature.

  • SadSororsinFL

    The fact remains that “no official word” as been given regarding the former Supreme Basileus status. Do you have copy of audit for 2011? Can you post it like you did not 2010? What is the status on lawsuit? Several chapters are seeing a decrease in attendance to various events. Sorors are speaking out with they time, talents and treasures. Especially here in FL, which is the home of current Supreme Basileus, Tamiouchous and Regional Director.

  • SadSororsinFL

    Chapters received letter from Delores McKinley, International Treasurer highlighting 2011 audit, statement presently fairly comfort with accounting principles, total assets in excess of $30.million, and $28.4 million in 2011 and 2010. General Operating Fund is $12 million for 2011. No copy of 2011 audit. Don’t know what status is on lawsuits. Still no official word on former international president status, reinstatement of sorors.

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