Commentary — 17 April 2012

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Don’t even mention Ann Romney staying at home, but evidently it’s ok to publicly seek the endorsement of rocker Ted Nugent who had the following to say:

If you want more of those kinds of evil anti-American people in the Supreme Court, then don’t get involved and let Obama take office again. Because I’ll tell you this right now: if Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year….

But if you can’t go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration I don’t know what you’re made of. If you can’t galvanize and promote and recruit people to vote for Mitt Romney we’re done. We’ll be a suburb of Indonesia next year….

Our president, and attorney general, our vice president, Hillary Clinton, they’re criminals, they’re criminals. And if you take that adamant ‘we the people’ defiance, remember we’re Americans because we defied the king. We didn’t negotiate and compromise with the king, we defied the emperors. We are patriots, we are bravehearts. We need to ride into that battlefield, and chop their heads off in November.

The only thing worse is that the spineless Democrats do nothing in response.  They just sit back and take it.  Just imagine if someone President Obama “sought” an endorsement from had the same to say about Mitt Romney.  Hilary Rosen says “Ann Romney didn’t work a day in her life” and the Republicans went apoplectic.

Republican surrogate working on behalf of Mitt Romney offers the aforementioned quotes above and it’s radio silence from the Republicans.

It’s not hard to see or understand people.  But no racism here…of course it’s all “politically” motivated.

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart elucidates these points the best in his latest column.


Now, it might be tempting to write Nugent off as a right-wing gun totting crank. After all, who talks like that and expects to be taken seriously in the realm of presidential politics? But what makes Nugent’s nuttery alarming is that it has the tacit endorsement of Romney.

See, Romney sought out the rocker’s support. Nugent made the announcement via Twitter on March 2. 

after a long heart&soul conversation with MittRomney today I concluded this goodman will properly represent we the people & I endorsed him

Team Romney was so excited about the Nugent nod that Tagg Romney pom-pomed it via Twitter

Ted Nugent endorsed my Dad today. Ted Nugent? How cool is that?! He joins Kid Rock as great Detroit musicians on team Mitt!

So, we have a guy who says incendiary things. A guy whose support was actively sought by the candidate. A guy whose support was championed by said candidate’s son. But now that it is called on to disavow and condemn Nugent’s poisonous words, all the outrage that Team Romney fired upon Rosen seems to be depleted.

Full Story HERE.

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  • FED-UP

    At some point conservatives have to acknowledge that vitriol spouted by gun waving celebrities and politicians is tantamount to a rallying cry to insurgency against the duly elected government of the United States of America. No matter how its spun, no matter how many American flags are hoisted, it comes up treasonous; and Mitt Romney sought out this endorsement A F T E R Nugent had invited our PRESIDENT to “suck on” an AK-47.

    (I’m actually surprised that the Tea-Party didn’t have their panties in a bunch because the AK-47 isn’t an American made weapon; “Couldn’t Nuge have used an M-16”?)

  • Lynn

    Romney is a coward. He is afraid of Limbaugh and Nugent. Don’t hold your breath, please.

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