Commentary — 24 March 2012

From ABC 7 in Chicago – See at 2:41 of video.  It’s officially a cover-up and conspiracy.

There is a 9-1-1 call with ZIMMERMAN’S VOICE in the background in FBI possession!

ABC7 Chicago Acknowledges Existence of 9-1-1 Call by Travyon Martin During Attack by The Mo’Kelly Radio Report

Why wasn’t this the lead story, not an aside at the end of the piece?!?!

The Sanford police department obviously declined to release this information (including the call) to the media.

If video does not play, click HERE.  Remember 2:41 of video.


If video does not play, click HERE.

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  • wannabereal

    Hey Mo:
    Thanks for the info…has anyone been able to confirm this?? What Zimmerman did just disgusts me..AND to see how they are now trying to malign Trayvon adds insult to (lethal)injury!
    I’m just wondering whether this report is accurate or whether this news reporter got his facts wrong or misspoke…especially since it seems no one else has reported this…

  • Jacob

    It doesn’t look like the video is there anymore — now it is a mega-lottery piece (and it looks like a duplicate of a previous video, if you click through to the site)

  • PDQ

    I thought I understood that Trayvon’s girlfriend was on the phone with him and heard the confrontation and scuffle with Zimmerman. If so, he couldn’t have called 911.

    • You’re making the assumption that the “only” call Trayvon made was to his girlfriend during that time. We don’t have context of when the alleged call by Trayvon was made, which doesn’t necessarily need to have been right at the end. Zimmerman pursued for awhile.

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