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Clear Channel began airing on March 5 a 45-part series called “Diverse LA,” 9 a.m. to noon on KTLK/1150 AM. The series replaced Thom Hartman and grew out of sister station KFI/640 AM’s response to the concerns of a black activist group on workplace diversity, both on and off air. The concerns stemmed from disparaging comments made about Whitney Houston shortly after her death by KFI personalities John & Ken.

Morris O’Kelly (Mo’ Kelly) is the producer. Entertainer George Wallace was on day one. Other guests have included film director Robert Townsend, community affairs activist Josefa Salina, and MSNBC contributor Earl Ofari Hutchinson. On day one, Kelly introduced himself: “I’m the black man with the Jewish first name and the Irish last name.. I can pass for white over the phone. I am a one-man ethnic diversity wrecking crew.

Any one of us can drive from Studio City in the Valley to Harbor City in the South Bay and pass all of these wonderfully diverse communities along the way. Even so, we really don’t know each other. I see you but I don’t notice you. I hear you but I’m really not listening. Diverse LA is going to change all that – change how we talk to one another, how we listen to each other, and hopefully appreciate and love one another.”

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