Commentary — 14 March 2012

Comedienne, actress and daytime talk show co-host Sherri Shepherd has ALWAYS supported The Mo’Kelly Report.


She was supporting The Mo’Kelly Report, even before she knew that her future husband and I were good friends.

In fact, she was nice enough to call in to congratulate Mo’Kelly for his show on AM1160 KTLK during its inaugural show.

There is NO WAY in the world that Mo’Kelly won’t also support her in return.  Sherri will be performing stand up in Long Beach this Saturday.  If you are in the L.A. area and (might want to hang with Mo’Kelly too)  this is a wonderful opportunity to support Sherri.


Purchase Tix HERE.


Hot Java Coffeehouse
2101 E. Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803


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  • Pamela

    I’m on the other side of the country so I won’t be attending, but I will say that, like you, I really like Sherry. She is so real. Her interview with Wendy Williams made me a bigger fan as she discussed her wigs, the ‘haters’ who insist she have plastic surgery, her hubby, her faith and her job. I wish continued blessings…..

  • Victoria

    Where in Long Beach is she appearing?

    • Hot Java Coffeehouse
      2101 E. Broadway
      Long Beach, CA 90803

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