Commentary — 18 December 2011

But don’t think the Tea Party has a racist element…(wink, wink).  Don’t hold your breath expecting Tea Party leadership to “denounce” such rhetoric.  It’s not what they do.

Nothing left to say about the Tea Party.  Have a nice day.  Let us put to rest the debate as to whether the Tea Party fosters or encourages an attitude of racism within its ranks.



You can take a look at Manson’s unlocked Facebook wall (and comment to him) HERE.

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  • Greetins Mr. Mo,

    FYI, Jules was removed from his association with and the affiliated Atheist months ago due to similar racist behavior.

    We have a zero tolerance policy for racism in our community.

    But, also I can say from knowing Jules a bit in a professional capacity and reviewing some of his submissions that were political – that he was his own weird extreme kind of libertarian – as far as I know – and granted I removed him and blocked him months ago – he does not identify as a Tea Party member, and in fact spoke derisively of them.

    His behavior is reprehensible and perhaps deserves the level of pushback he is getting – but unless he has changed in the last few months- the attempt to paint him as a Tea Party enthusiast is dishonest and short sighted. If anything Jules identifies as a libertarian of an individualistic variety.

    I despise the Tea Party, am disgusted by Jules' behavior, and find hardcore Libertarians to be as guilty of starry eyed idealistic magical thinking as some theists – but I am a big fan of honesty and getting the facts straight.

    Best Wishes,

    Jacob Kramer
    Senior Editor and Co-Founder.

  • I just don't understand the hate and idiocy to put this on Obama and make ignorate racist epithets, while ignoring that the overwheliming white Congress voted for this disgusting bill.

  • @jacob kramer – If you have MORE evidence of Jules and his racist behavior – make it public! If an Atheist Group can see the importance of why he needed to be removed, why can't the Tea Party. Now is not the time for you nor your organization to protect Jules – share what you know as evidence, not as spin.

    • It had nothing to do with threats against a president. It was actually in a private conversation with a member of our community in which Jules used a racist word. That member shared the private communication- which is also not very ethical- with the admin team of Atheist. We made inquiries to both parties to get both sides of the story and discussed a course of action. It was an internal matter. We determined he should be removed.

      I just wanted to make it clear that Jules is no longer officially affiliated with Support Atheism or Atheist. The articles and editing he did were not in any way expressive of his later revealed racism.

      I don't feel I need to share any separate communciation to prove that Jules harbors hateful and prejudiced feelings. This instance does that and then some; you need no more fuel for this fire.

      I don't quite get how I am protecting Jules when I just confirmed a history of racist outbursts for this individual. All I did was point out that he is not a Tea Party-er; that is a bit of a dishonest kneejerk liberal reaction. Jules, if anything , is some sort of individualistic bizarre hardcore libertarian.

      It may be pleasing to use him to recriminate a whole group – but Jules really is his own thing – he is the racist ass and his racism is really separate from his political extreme ideology.

  • @Jacob Kramer – Yes, he is supported by the Tea Party so what you are saying is inaccurate and uneffective in the fact this idiot wants to assasinate the president and his family! He may have posted he is not involved with the tea party but that is not true if in fact and they do, the tea party supports him… so no matter the spin put on this, this idiots posts Solidifies and Confirms my replies to those that speak so disgracefully about Our President and "THE FIRST FAMILY" it is all based on racism and that's a fact! President Obama is the MOST INTELLINGENT, STRONGEST LEADER AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, LOVE OF GOD & COUNTRY, AMERICAN CITIZEN AND FIGHTER FOR AMERICAN'S RIGHTS AND LIVES that we have had in so long that I can't remember another like him since Kennedy… truth is anyone that can say a bad word about our President is both UnAmerican by disgracing all Americans with the BS posted publicly about Obama and RACIST! I am very sick and tired of puting up with lunatics that shame us all to other countries and I really hate to think what President Obama thinks when he sees this junk.. giving the loving person he is, I am certain it bothers him, but thankfully he is above all ridicule and moves forward everyday in leading our country.. people that are racist and hateful need to hop onboard a ship or plane and get out now!

  • Jacob…you speak as if Libertarian and Tea Party are mutually exclusive. Libertarian denotes a registered party affiliation. Tea Party speaks to a political ideology, one which funds and supports candidates.

    To say he is one and not the other is like saying, “he’s not of the Tea Party, he’s some sort of hardcore Republican.”

    Um…no. He ran for City Council in Carson (my neighboring city) with the help of the Tea Party supporting his eventually failed bid. For him to disavow the Tea Party now (after taking their money) is a non-starter.

    What’s worse, you indicated he tried to disavow the Tea Party affiliation, but not the racism.

    Got it.

    Still no public statement from the national Tea Party leaders. No surprise there.

  • Also, if he is no longer affiliated with your group…you might need to send him another email. That photo I inserted above is from his present byline, not an old one.

  • Not sure why you are trying to start an argument with me. I am not at all interested, I don't condone his actions in any way. I blocked Jules months ago – maybe he has become a full blown tea party member or something in the intervening months.

    I do know plenty about the Tea Party and Libertarian party to know there is cross over – but also they are not the same thing. I do know that Jules was as critical of Tea Party members at times as anything else.

    If Tea Party members affiliated with him or donated to him, sure you have every right to express the opinion that they should disavow him or address this behavior.

    Yet, you are painting that this man ran under the Tea Party banner and that is his main affiliation – maybe you have a great inside information I don't – but as far as I know, that is an unnecessary distortion.

    As much as I feel the Tea Party movement has been driven by misinformed and ignorant voters and been usurped by astroturf Republican elements, AND as much as I am disgusted by the behavior of this man – I don't feel conflating the two is completely honest.

    That is just my opinion due to the reasons already stated. But it is an opinion formed through actual contact and conversation- not conjecture.

  • He is no longer an editor, I personally blocked him as well other board members months ago. I can't control what he lists any more than you can control him making horrible racist threats.

    • Not true Jacob. I would assume that nobody has the right to list themselves as a member of any organization if in fact they are not. There are plenty of defamation laws which would apply, especially in this context. The moment I list myself as an editor for the Wall Street Journal and make such racist threats against the president, you can best be sure the WSJ legal team among others will be contacting me with their official request to have that trademarked and copyrighted name removed from my byline.

      That’s simply untrue and incorrect and as an editor of a publication, you should inherently know that. Intellectual property is what we do. Writers are not free to misrepresent who they are or for whom they speak on behalf.

  • Start an argument? I merely posted on my own blog, you responded and objected to the characterization. I’m not sure how that equates to me “starting” an argument.

    I’m only going by what you posted. You made the assertion that he “wasn’t” Tea Party…but Libertarian, an equivocation that they are separate parties and ideologies.

    I find it so odd, if not funny…when a “Republican” or “a Tea Party member” does something racist, the call is not to conflate or associate the actions of one with the many.

    What you seem to disregard Jacob is that this is a continuing theme. This is not a singular act by a singular person in the context of the Tea Party/racism discussion. This post specifically referred to the lack of rebuke from Tea party leadership.

    Maybe there needs to be Libertarian rebuke as well. Either way, there’s been neither.

    Manson is part of a larger, on-going narrative. Nobody said that all the Tea party is racist.

    I DID say that it encourages and fosters an attitude of racism within its ranks and I have dozens of examples in which to corroborate that. Long before anyone knew the name Jules Manson.

  • Jack James

    Hello Mr. Mo’Kelly

    I am a Black man from Detroit, now living in Redlands. I know personally Tea Party members here and I have not experienced this racism attitude. They have been asking me to come to their meetings and we have very substantive discussions. I am a Conservative (independent 1980-2001, then Conservative). What I have noticed with my Liberal brothers is that when a movement, group or opposing ideology raises it’s head, in this case the Tea Party, the “narrative” is started by Liberals of racism, roots of racism, harborers of racisms, enviroment of racism. Same thing all the time.

    As a brother I’m tired of that argument with no HARD evidence. Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in the Tea Party movement and if the movement had this racists enviroment, there would be hundreds, thousands of pieces of evidence. Show me the swatiskas and burning crosses and n-word signs that were at a rally and stayed there without anybody making them leave.

    It’s the Liberal-magnifier: One questionable case is enough to prove any negative accusation of those they disagree with. Liberal divider: Hundreds of arrests, violence, burnings, open drug use, rapes and murders with Occupy Wall street protestors and these are isolated incidences that don’t reflect the overall movement.

    Democrats, the party of segregation, KKK and racism has successfully duped us to think that they are the party for us. Well since we switched in the 60’s and every major black dominated urban center went to Democratic dominance our cities have declined to the worse places to live in the country. Detroit’s murder rate went up in 2011 and so did Flint (up the way from Detroit) and the populations are down so much they closed half the high schools in Detroit.

    That race card is the biggest weapon that used on us to keep us in line in the Democratic/Liberal party. I wonder what would happen if we all put Conservatives in power in our cities for 4 years? It couldn’t get any worse but you find that many would have to get up and do more for themselves-true freedom. You rise and fall on your own accord. Causes you to trust God and yourself more than some goverment entity.

    Anyway, I don’t need to dwell on the Tea Party racist imagery. Many do that even with the Bible but that didn’t stop me from reading it and getting true joy out of it. What is it about the doctrine/core proclamations that is unconstitutional, illogical or immoral? Telling me that a group of probably some millions is a garden for racism won’t fly, isn’t an argument and serves as a judgement on what you can’t know and that’s what’s in a man’s heart.

    Because you know as well as I do family members, friends and brothers we know that went FOI and the black activist way and the things they say about white people. That statement above pales in comparison to what I’ve heard they wanted to happen to ALL white people. Anyway, I rarely comment on blogs but I’m just tired of this round and round and it’s just a campaign to discredit with accusation and “narratives” using emotive language (racists, greedy, dangerous, all-white,etc…)to keep people, black people especially, to not take a look at a different way of doing things politcally. But hey we got a Black, sorry, African-American president and from 2007-2011 we had a all-Democratic Congress. How’d that work for us? Democrats ran the gov’t (with veto power over Bush) and drove this economy into the ground and had successfully blamed Bush for all of it (he had a part but not the biggest). Congress totally controls the finances of the gov’t, not the president unless his party is in control of the congress. Pelosi and Reed were running the show in 2006 with Dodd and Frank running the housing departments….there it is.

    Still waiting for the Liberal arguments for anything that doesn’t lead to labelling someone, judging someone or baring false witness on someone that is either conservative or supports of self-reliance (for real-sink or swim on your own). I’m out.

    • Dear Mr. James,

      You don’t understand, sir. As our host here points out, this false accusation of Tea Party racism is accurate because there is a pattern of false accusations of Tea Party racism, thus this one is part of, as our host says, a “continuing theme.”

      And if the media has made a “continuing theme” of false allegations, why then that makes them true. Doesn’t that make sense to you?

      I, too, have seen no evidence of racism at Tea Party events: people there go out of their way to make folks feel at home.

      This fellow, this Jules Manson, is something of an atavism — it is hard to understand why he would think this way, and what possessed him to make such an idiot pronouncement publicly. I suspect that drugs were involved, but doubt that he was drugged against his will.

      But considering Manson’s lack of connection to the Tea Party, I would certainly hope that our host here changes the title of this post.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

      • “I haven’t experienced racism” = anecdotal. Anecdotal remarks about your singular experiences at a singular (or even multiple events) do not undergird or solidify a point.

        I Morris O’Kelly haven’t experienced racism in the state of Tennessee and I’ve been there on multiple occasions. The worthy comparison illustrates that my personal non-experience of racism does not in any way deny the existence of racism within Tennessee experienced by others.

        But…to the more specific Tea Party discussion at hand…

        I have been invited to the Pleasanton Tea Party events and on the leaders FB page I was INUNDATED with all types of RACIAL insults. There are a number of loyal readers (including Dion Evans who chimed in above) who witnessed it firsthand. The Pleasanton Tea Party is the largest Tea Party in the western half of the U.S.

        I never at any time discussed the issue of race or used the word African-American in the whole thread, except into response to the vitriolic remarks made towards African-Americans and Blacks in the Democratic Party. I only made the mistake of politely disagreeing with the Tea Party members on the thread who reveled in their perceived anonymity…and culture tacitly condoned by the owner of the thread, Dr. Bridgett Mellson.

        Bridgett Mellson (The Party leader) didn’t condemn the behavior on that occasion and served as all the exposure I needed to the Tea Party. I will take your anecdotal remark and raise you mine.

        But thank you both for contributing. I’ve personally experienced all I care to in regards to the Tea Party.

  • Noyb Nal

    Lonnie Rashid Lynn raps about killing George Bush and he is invited to the white house. There are no news stories on this. There is a game available even now called "Kill George Bush"; Yet an insignificant man who lives in a trailer park makes a death threat against Obama on Facebook (note that Obama receives 30 death threats a day, according to a story in the Telegraph) and is all over the news. Why? A weak and desperate effort to link the Tea Party to racism.

    The press has jumped on this story about this insignificant man and his racist posts and always mention his support of the tea party, as if that is "proof" that the tea party in general is racist. Not sure if that is what you are going for here, but if you are trying to make the leap that the rantings of a weirdo makes the tea party people racist, the evidence is weak, at best.

    On Facebook, by the way, he says he is a democrat. This Jules Manson person turns out to be an atheist or at least affiliates with them. Jules was removed from his association with because of his racist rants. "..he does not identify as a Tea Party member, and in fact spoke derisively of them." "but unless he has changed in the last few months- the attempt to paint him as a Tea Party enthusiast is dishonest and short sighted." So, even though there is proof that he is NOT a tea party person, you insist on putting the Tea Party in the HEADLINE of this story. Is it ideology? Or laziness?

    As usual, no signs, no proof of real Tea Party People being racist. On the other hand, you can do a google search of "occupy wall street anti semitic" and you get actual videos of real live people spewing hatred. I am sure there are anti semitic and racist tea partiers, but I still cannot find any videos online. I find videos ACCUSING them of being racist, but none actually proving it.

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • And by the way…he doesn’t say he’s a Democrat. One of you says he’s a Democrat, another says he’s a Libertarian. Get your story straight.

    Oh THAT’S RIGHT! He’s a LIAR…

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